24 April 2009

When the Truth Hurts~Invoke the Holocaust

The truth was told at Durban, no matter if Israel or others wanted to face up to that fact. So, Israel's answer to hearing that Israel is “the most cruel and racist regime”. Israel somehow manages to turn the truth into an excuse to attack Iran and to invoke the sacred "holocaust" (Israel's secret weapon and sympathy booster) What ever would Israel do, without playing the constant victim and invoking the holocaust to push for attacking Iran. So, in bizarro Israeli logic, to call Israel "cruel and racist" means Israel can wage war on your country. Hence, insulting Israel, by telling the truth has now somehow been twisted into an act of war.
Iran trying to do 'what Adolf Hitler did to Jewish people'

The Israeli government used the potent, emotionally-charged platform of Auschwitz concentration camp today to rebut President Ahmadinejad’s latest tirade against the Jewish state.

Standing under the notorious wrought-iron gateway to the camp with its cynical slogan “Arbeit Macht Frei” (Work Makes Free), the Israeli Deputy Prime Minister, Silvan Shalom, said Iran was advocating no less than the Nazi-style elimination of the Jews.

“What Iran is trying to do right now is not far away at all from what Hitler did to the Jewish people just 65 years ago,“ said Mr Shalom.

Mr Ahmadinejad provoked outrage at an anti-racism conference in Geneva yesterday when he called Israel “the most cruel and racist regime”.
Israel will not stop until they attack Iran, if you have not read my post about Israel blackmailing Obama to attack Iran, you can read it here