23 April 2009

WAKE UP~Israel Blackmailing Obama to Attack Iran~UPDATED

I found this little gem of a report in the GulfNews, which, is quite telling indeed.
Occupied Jerusalem: Israel will not move ahead on the core issues of peace talks with the Palestinians until it sees progress in US efforts to stop Iran's suspected pursuit of a nuclear weapon and to limit Tehran's rising influence in the region, a top government officials familiar with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's still-nascent policy on the issue said.
And this:
But Obama’s priorities are not Israel’s. Netanyahu said earlier this week that he will not participate in talks until the President makes headway on Israel’s number one issue: stopping Iran’s nuclear program. To drive that point home this morning, the President was told by Israeli Ambassador Sallai Meridor to confront Iran “before it’s too late.” source
and yet one more below of importance to illustrate the Israeli mindset:
Obama’s administration has marginalized Israel in its policies of international diplomacy by its flirtation and partial engagement with Israel’s enemies. Bibi must show Obama that Israel won’t be marginalized. One definitive way to do this is by taking swift and decisive military action against Iran, standing up to Obama as Begin stood up to Regan in 1982.source
Israel is now linking the Palestinian peace process advancement, to dealing with Iran (how Israel wants to deal with Iran!! meaning war WITH American assistance!) I will now lay out how and why Israel is doing this IMHO.

Now, back to the statement by Netanyahu's sockpuppet. I see multiple problems with sections of that statement. First, it is now not only about Iran’s nuclear capabilities, or its right to develop nuclear power for its people. It has now moved on to yet another wacko Israeli reason for attacking Iran, for instance, just what does “limit Tehran's rising influence in the region” exactly mean, and since when is the popularity of a nation, among other Arab/Middle East countries considered to be cause for attacking it? Israel is now attempting to get America involved in attacking Iran, Don’t believe me? Read on.

Why did we suddenly see a massive softening earlier this week by Netanyahu now saying that Hamas having to recognize Israel as a pre-condition to any talks is no longer required. I’ll tell you why, because Palestinian peace is now linked to Iran, that’s why! To be honest, I thought Israel was caving into Obama's Middle East plan just a wee bit to quickly. I mean, given Lieberman and Netanyahu's Zionist inclinations. Along with the Israeli Governments tunnel vision quest to attack another of its neighbors, Iran. Sure despite the little “war of words” and general “pissing contest” between Obama and Lieberman recently regarding Annapolis and other issues. Always skeptical, we now have the answer to what is REALLY going on here.

Israel is using the Middle East Peace deal pushed by Obama and his Administration, as a bargaining chip to invade Iran. To put it simply, Israel will not move forward on the Palestinian issue, unless and until, the US deals with Iran. And trust me, this also means US participation in that attack on Iran. More on that further down the post.

So, what this really means are two things. Firstly, it means that any movement on Palestine will be inextricably linked to any progress with Iran. And rest assured it will be Israel who decides how much, or what type of “progress” with Iran it will accept, before dealing with Palestinian issues. Secondly, it places yet more pressure on the US to either allow Israel to strike Iran (with covert US participation), or have the US publicly and openly assist Israel in striking Iran. Be certain that the US will HAVE to assist Israel should it attack Iran. I’ll show you why, the answer is in the geography of the region!

It is very clear, America will surely have to assist in re-fueling and strategic ops, and additionally providing more weapons, drones and guidance systems and such. Also, I would expect that given the US has control of Iraq, don’t be surprised if Iraqi bases are not used by American planes assisting Israel, as I doubt that even the US would have the audacity to (OPENLY) allow Israel to land in Iraq. But, there could be “so called” US fighters landing (really Israeli planes) don’t believe me? Just take a wee look at this map below

Notice where little Israel is, far over on the left side where the red “star” shape is?? Now, take a look to the right at Iran. Notice how far away it is? But, what is worse for Israel, and why it will need America to help, is the multiple other countries it would have to fly over, or through to even GET to Iran. The list would be as follows: Turkey (no way would Turkey allow this!) then we have Syria LOL (as if THEY would allow this!) Then we have Jordan (Don’t think Jordan would agree) and then we have Saudi Arabia, good friend to America and American oil companies. If Saudi Arabia allows them to fly through its airspace, there is still one small problem, it is still a very long way to Iran (they’d need re-fueling) and moreover, it is hard to stage any attack from as far away as Israel, unless Israel was going to nuke Iran, and that’s not going to happen. So the deal will be this; The US controls Iraq, so I’m giving you one guess here. Yup, you’re right, the US would either allow Israel to attack Iran from Iraq, or just as bad, the US would “assist” Israel attacking Iran from Iraq. Either way, just look at the map, Iraq will be used to attack Iran.

So, just what do you think that will do to US Arab/Muslim relations that are already “trashed” What will that do to “help” peace in the Middle East? Even worse, how do you think that will play out in solving the problems in Iraq? Will it cut down, or increase attacks on US Soldiers? Will it ultimately set the country of Iraq on a course to elect a hardliner Government that will be anti-American? Thus creating yet another Middle East problem that will take generations to resolve if ever. And dare I mention the big guy Bin Laden? What would allowing Iraq (and Saudi Arabia's airspace) to be used in an attack on Iran do to swell the ranks of Al Qaeda? Surely Bin Laden will see this as a gift to play upon the huge anti-American sentiment that will prevail after an attack on Iran, and will use this to gain a greater foothold in the Middle East so open you eyes here!

You will be witnessing a complete breakdown of the Middle East countries, except of course Israel, which is exactly what Israel wants to see happen. Why? Because that places Israel and the US in the same situation. Then Israel will have created a situation where the US is now as isolated as Israel is. Perfect for Israel to capitalise on in further controlling the future of America. If you do not stop allowing Israel to control your country, very soon you will find yourself in the very same situation Israel is in. You will be the 2nd most hated country in the world, and get used to not having real freedom anymore. You will live like Israeli’s do,in paranoia and constantly in fear. Never being able to safely travel outside your prison known as the United States of America. Is that really what American’s want? I don’t think so. I believe the American public, on the whole, are good decent people. However, I believe that the Jewish Lobby has controlled your country for far too long and fed you a diet of anti-Arab, anti-Muslim, whilst at the same time, continually brainwashing you into believing that only “Israel” is your friend. When in fact, Israel actually keeps you from making friends with other countries.

Making peace in the Middle East, and the USA developing a relationship with Iran would be devastating for Israel. This is why they block this from taking place. Because it would mean the end to the so called “special” relationship Israel has with the US, additionally it would end the US Cash Cow of billions to Israel each year.

Lastly, about Iran’s’ President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Is he an asshat? Perhaps... But remember he does not control Iran, unlike when Bush was in office he DID control America. I would ask you to step back for a moment and dispense with the “US and Israeli Propaganda” you have been infected with for years. Look, the reality is that he says much of what he does to create a stir. It’s just words, words don’t kill people, bombs do. Iran has never, ever made any sort of threatening gestures militarily towards its neighbours. Can you say that about Israel who appears to make a habit of attacking people?

And here’s some food for thought, but only for those brave souls who can think outside the box; Think about Iran's President as you read this next bit. Because there but for the grace of God goes Bush. Meaning the rest of the world don't see much of a difference between Bush and Iran's president. Except for one HUGE difference, that difference is that Iran's president does not have control of the country, and he cannot simply decide to go to war, like Bush can and did. Bush was the most hated President ever, leaving office with the worst American approval rating. But guess what? Americans elected that asshole not once but TWICE!! And Bush said many things just as bad as Ahmadinejad. Bush used "religion and God" to justify his wars, Bush also hated gays, attempted to keep them from having equal rights. Attempted to take choice from women, took away your civil rights, invaded your privacy using the politics of fear, waged war on the Muslim world after 9-11, waged war on Iraq on a bold faced lie, then attempted to cover it up,he divided the world conveniently into two black and white halves, no grey areas. Muslims were demonised, Christians and Jews glorified. Oh, and let us not forget about the secret torture chambers, the breaking of laws on torture, the glorious photos of soldiers in Iraq mocking and degrading Muslims. I can tell you those vivid pictures live in the minds of Muslims and decent people of the world,are not forgotten. And as hated as he was worldwide, especially in Muslim countries, I can assure you as someone not living in the USA who did not have my media controlled by Bush, I am telling you that Muslims were not against you as a people, however, America was against them as a people. Muslims were capable of distinguishing between your insane President and the American people. Can you now do the same? That is the legacy you must live with and change.

You must force your government to expel Israeli spies and lobby groups, say “No” to the Israeli blackmail of linking the Palestinian issue to Iran, they have nothing to do with each other and this is yet another Israeli stall tactic that will lead to more division between America and the Muslim world, additionally re-read the bit on Iraq.

And you can start by taking back your country from the clutches of Zionist war mongers who would like nothing more than to have America be so isolated that the only “friend” it has is Israel. Why, just think, the US could be re-named to the “United States of America and Israel”

That’s your future unless you wake up now and stop it.

Think about it for the rest of the world


planetmichelle said...

What was the reason of putting military bases in Iraq if not for the purpose of attacking Iran? All in the Neocon plan I always thought. I wonder if the track the Neocons put us on can even be reversed.
The American people voted for Obama because we are sick of the dumb,fat white war mongers and we are in no mood for battles even though, as usual, I was surprised how Israel got away with the Gaza genocide. Sometimes I know I am speaking for the majority and other times...not. I never know where the majority stands on Israel in this country.

Ban Sidhe said...

Cheers Michelle:) Thanks for stopping by. I understand what you mwan when you say you cannot understand how Gaza was allowed to take place as the US stood by. I'll be writing about that very soon. But the one good thing is that I do believe the American people have now had a real close look at the Zionist lobby in the USA. The Gaza genocide, followed by the Charles Freeman deal, then you have the AIPAC spy case, then Jane Harman & Pelosi and Haim Saban. Any intelligent American will surely now be able to see the control Israel exerts on the US government and how much contorl it has over politicians. Perhaps this can be a long overdue wake up call. Wouldn't it be a wonderful legacy to all those innocents who died in Gaza, if the US took back control and the public demanded an end to Zionist control of the US. All the best:):)

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