26 May 2009


Several things to tell, first there has been a live interview on PRESSTV which I just saw from Gaza interviewing the convoy Organiser. Also, the delegates went to a hospital today and handed over the medical aid, there was a press conference there as well, which we may see on presstv at some point. There is a huge media presence from around the world and members are constantly being interviewed. just before the two PRESSTV interviews I mentioned there was a live interview by Al Quds for those who get that channel (sadly I don't)

Photos, I have received some, others are still uploading, it takes a long time the Internet connection there is awful and the electricity goes out from time to time. Welcome to Gaza life. The photos I have received so far I have placed in a slideshow so you can see them all. I will post individual ones later on when I have time to sort them. The slide show begins with Italian MP Fernando Rossi in Egypt, then shows other members of the convoy in Egypt, then heading to Port Said where they loaded the Vehicles, then on to the Rafah border and into the terminal compound where they spent the night. Then it ends with the first three vehicles going through late last night. Again I have more loading now and when they are done I'll post them as well, so everyone can see them. Maybe you can see your friends or loved ones who are on the convoy representing your country or group. That's it for now, remember to watch PRESSTV news and Aljazeera for convoy news

slideshow below: