26 May 2009

HOPE CONVOY~Italian MP Fernando Rossi Slams Silence on Gaza

I am not sure if my friend will have any more news for me today. I gave her my mobile phone before she left because I promised to pay for all the phonecalls but my phone battery dies quickly and I was talking to her not long ago and the phone was going so she will have to charge it now and given the electricity goes off and on in Gaza, we will see if it is charged again before the night ends. Really looking forward to getting that phone bill LOL....not. But, I did find out that the convoy members toured Gaza today and visited hospitals and witnessed the devastation. I was told the politicians, Italian MP Rossi and Sinn Fein Rep Maclochlainn did a press conference at a hospital today, but I have been unable to find anything on that conference online. I wonder if there are any other politicians on this convoy, I never see reports about any others except these two. Here is an article I did find about Rossi below:
Italian senator slams world's silence on Gaza blockade

GAZA, May 26-- An Italian parliamentarian Tuesday slammed the international community's idle stance towards the Israeli blockade on the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip.

Those who do not say "no" to this siege and "no" for this oppression in Gaza are against freedom of Palestinian people, said Italian senator Fernando Rossi, who arrived in Gaza Monday night with a European aid convoy.

"Every one of us, either those who entered Gaza or those who remained outside... is sharing a Gazan thought and heart," he told a press conference with deposed Hamas Minister of Works Ahmed al-Kurd.

Egypt only allowed 20 European activists into Gaza and prevented the others from entering. It also allowed 40 trucks with medical aid into the coastal strip.
Israel sealed off the Gaza Strip in June 2007 when Hamas routed security forces of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and seized control of Gaza.

Egypt also maintained the closure of Rafah crossing point, the only way for Gazans to the outside world, since a U.S.-brokered protocol said the crossing can not open without the presence of Abbas' forces and EU monitors. link


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much Ban for all the updates and the photos...keep up the good work, we do appreciate it. Glad some members of the convoy were finally allowed into Gaza with all the aid. We have been following this story closely from England and I too wonder which other politicians have gone, does anyone know? Anyone from England? There should be more coverage on TV but as we know the media prefers to keep the plight of the Gazans out. It is such a shame that most of the convoy had to return from the border after reaching the Rafah border having had their passports stamped, also that the Egyptians did not allow the doctors on hunger strike through, I mean how can the doctors be a threat to security when all they want to do is provide medical assistance to those who desperately need it? I wonder if the Egyptians are being bullied into restricting and tormenting the numbers going through the gates by Israel. Palestine has suffered for far too long and I hope 'their time will come' soon. It is high time Israel let the people of Palestine live in peace and dignity and stop killing, punishing, degrading and humiliating a population.

Free Palestine Writers said...

Hello England:) I agree 100% What is up with Aljazeera, the so called Middle East channel, nothing on their website. I saw one decent interview with the concoy organiser, but aside from that nothing much. My friend siad there were hundreds of journalists and many with cameras. Interviews were being done everywhere she said. So where are they? The welcome ws also filmed as media were there, so were is the video? Im disgused, especially with Aljazeera, at least presstv did a little bit, but they are focused on iran's elections, but there is NO excuse for Aljazeera..none.

I hope my friend gets me more info tomorrow with photos

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