25 May 2009


Some points of clarification from another phonecall.

Things are very chaotic right now, and information changes constantly, sorry about that but it's a fluid situation and a tense one. The members are still inside the building and do not yet have their passports returned, so they cannot leave at this point. I assume when the passports are returned they will leave. Even after these latest events today, people are still attempting to talk to the Egyptians, but I don't hold out much hope for anything good. From the look of things and the developments this morning, it appears Egypt's decision is final and the convoy will be leaving Rafah border escorted by the Egyptians to Port Said then on to Cairo at some point today, one way or another.

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Barbara L said...

Yanno... How can Mubarak consider himself a Muslim? He is sooooo sold out. I was talking to a dear friend in Cairo last night and he had never even heard of GALLOWAY caravan because the people are not told a thing. They do not want the people to know a thing ....

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