25 May 2009


Only a short update for now. The members are still inside the terminal building at the Rafah border crossing and no one has been forced to leave yet.. So far, nothing has changed from the previous situation in my last post. They are still attempting to work with the Egyptians and sort all this mess out.

Here’s one for the Irish folks,
I have a wee story, you know how we Irish are everywhere LOL. Well, Two Irish women who had been working in Gaza crossed the border back into Egypt a few minutes ago and met up with the Irish Representative Clr Gerry MacLochlainn. They said they were so very glad to see a member of Sinn Fein at the border participating in the convoy and praised the party for taking part in such an important effort.. Evidently, people on the Gaza side of the border know this already. The women said they and the Palestinians in Gaza, were both happy and proud to see an Irishmen from the North as the deputy leader of the convoy. They also said that on the Gaza side people had assembled yesterday and waited all day long to greet the convoy. Even today in Gaza they are still assembled waiting in anticipation to see them. Hundreds of people and children all waiting across the border. Bless them.

More updates when I get them, that’s it for now