08 May 2009

HAMAS May Agree to Ceasefire

UPDATED~ possible false alarm, in a statement from HAMAS this is now being denied HERE
Hamas has reportedly informed Egypt that it might declare a period of calm with Israel within the next few hours, a source close to Hamas says.

Hamas has told the Egyptian mediators that they will agree to a period of calm with Israel on one condition that Israel halts it aggression on the Gaza Strip, Xinhua quoted the source speaking on condition of anonymity as saying.

Israel launched a massive military operation on Gaza at the end of the year 2008, allegedly aimed at preventing Hamas from firing rockets at southern Israeli communities.

The military campaign lasted for 23 days, before Israel and the Palestinian factions in Gaza, mainly Hamas, announced unilateral ceasefires respectively.

Since the end of the war, Egypt has been mediating between Israel and Hamas to achieve a long-term ceasefire. link