08 May 2009

"Not the Right Kind of Jew"

The Majority of the world views Israel and its supporters as a giant "collective" like the borg. They are viewed and perceived this way because they behave this way. I remember during the recent holocaust in Gaza, watching many Israeli spokesmen/women and various talking head Jews, regular "man on the street" interviews. And to my utter and sheer amazement, it was as if they were all singing from the same "hymn sheet" almost word for word. I noticed this was also taking place across the Internet on messagesboards, blogs and news sites. Why is that? Why is it that they adhere to this collective mentality, like the borg? Resistance is futile, one would think after watching countless news programs and just about any US channel. All for one, and one for all, this is the image Israel wants the world to see, and this is the image the Zionist controlled media feeds the world. But, there is something happening, something Israel cannot control (yet anyway!) and that is the Internet, personal videos, news channels from countries not in Israel’s pocket. Some Jews are beginning to wake up, some Jews are capable of having human emotions, human empathy, capable of placing themselves in someone else's shoes. This is unheard of in the majority of Jews, something they'd never remotely consider; after all, they are right, everyone else is wrong.

So, what happens when Jews no longer buy the Israeli propaganda? What happens when a Jew feels compassion for Palestinians? What happens when they allow their human feelings to override the Zionist line? What happens to them when they dare to speak out? They are no longer welcomed in the "collective" they are from that moment on, considered to be a "self hating Jew" that is the term used. So I found this post from a wonderful "self hating Jew" who dared to feel compassion. Followed by one of the many Pro-Zionist “official” explanations for why these Jews dare to speak out against the “collective”
Who Will Stop the AIPAC Jews Before it is Too Late?

While I was being tackled by security guards at Washington's Convention Center during the AIPAC conference for unfurling a banner that asked "What about Gaza?," my heart was aching.

"Shut the f--- up. Shut the f--- up." one staffer yelled, red-faced and sweating as he ran beside me. "This is not the place to be saying that shit. Get the f--- out of here."

What makes my heart ache is thinking about the traumatized children I met on my recent trip to Gaza, and how their suffering is denied by the 6,000 AIPAC conventioneers who are living in a bubble-a bubble where Israel is the victim and all critics are anti-Semitic, terrorist lovers or, as in my case, self-hating Jews.

I found it fascinating that AIPAC's executive director Howard Kohr opened the conference admitting that there was now a huge, international campaign against the policies of Israel. He painted a picture of 30,000 people marching in Spain, Italian trade unionists calling for a boycott of Israeli products, the UN Human Rights Council passing 26 resolutions condemning Israel, an Israeli Apartheid Week that is building a global boycott, divestment and sanctions campaign.

This global movement, he warned, emanates from the Middle East, echoes in the halls of the United Nations and the capitals of Europe, is voiced in meetings of international peace organizations, and is spreading throughout the United States-from the media to town hall meetings, from campuses to city squares. "No longer is this campaign confined to the ravings of the political far left or far right," he lamented, "but increasingly it is entering the American mainstream."

But Kohr failed to explain why there has been such an explosion in this movement, even among the American Jewish community. Read more here
Now clearly, the majority of Jews in the "collective" simply cannot come to terms with one of their own speaking against the “collective” It is like a cult, it is simply “not done”, simply “not allowed” under penalty of defamation, smearing campaign or worse. Now here below begins the "official" Zionist explanation of these so-called "self Hating Jews"or as I like to call them, compassionate free thinking Jews,(NOTE: here comes the Jewish Holy Grail of guilt trips, the Holocaust. Notice how everything MUST revert back to “The Holocaust” it is even used to help explain away Jews who speak against the “collective”)
"How is one to explain these Jews who work to hurt Jews?" I think the primary explanations are psychological it is almost impossible to overstate the pathological effects of thousands of years of murder of Jews — culminating in the Nazi Holocaust, when nearly all Jews on the European continent were murdered — have had on most Jews.

It is not coincidental that Norman Finkelstein's parents went through the Holocaust or that Yisroel Dovid Weiss's grandparents were murdered in the Holocaust. But even Jews who lost no relatives in the Holocaust fear another outbreak of anti-Jewish violence, and given the Nazi-like anti-Semitism in the Muslim world today, that is not exactly paranoia.

One way to deal with this is to side with the enemy. Consciously or not, the Jew who sides with those dedicated to murdering Jews feels that he will be spared. He becomes the "good Jew" in the anti-Semites' eyes.

The other psychological explanation is related. The Jew — specifically the radical Jew — who sympathizes with Jew-haters wishes to announce to the world that he is not really like other Jews. While the other Jews are moored in provincial Jewish ethnic or religious identity, he is a world citizen who no more identifies with the Jews' fate than with the fate of Iroquois Indians. source
So what we have here is the explanation that the Jews who speak against the “collective” are somehow “psychologically damaged goods”, they can’t help themselves because of the “guilt of the holocaust” and “paranoia coupled with fear of it happening again.”

The notion that these Jews who speak out are thinking rationally is never entertained. Nor is the foreign concept that Israel's own actions have created this so called "anti-semitism" and hatred it speaks of today. No, it is never Israel's fault, the holocaust gives Israel the right to be above the law and abandon morality. Because to think otherwise would mean these Jews would then have to examine their own actions and reactions, along with the real reasons for those actions. And to allow that process would begin the slippery slope of change. Change cannot be allowed in Israel, change is very dangerous to the Zionists in control of the State of Israel.

So, the "collective" must always be protected, even against others of their own faith and kind. And that is the core problem with Israel. Because should free thought prevail the Zionist dream of ethnically cleansing Arabs can never take place.

Here are some of my favourite sites written by those who have left the “collective” And unknown to these wonderful people who write these blogs, they have in their own small way helped my heart and soul to have hope for change. God bless them all.

Steve Amsel at Desertpeace

Norman G. Finkelstein

Philip Weiss & Adam Horowitz from mondoweiss

Noam Chomsky

Jeremiah Haber-The Magnes Zionist

The Anti-Zionist Jew

Israel’s Backyard

Breaking the Silence


Ban Sidhe said...

@Owl of Minerva

OMG!!! I accidently rejected your comment, SO sorry, Please if you see this re-submit it won't you? Many thanks, again sorry for my speedy fingers, they never listen:)

Anonymous said...

It's the hardcore jewnazis who call any Jew who doesn't agree with them a "self-hating Jew". But it's also true that the vast majority of these so-called self-hating Jews are still jewnazis, only of a softer brand - as are your favourite sites...

Anonymous said...

I am honoured to 'head' the list you created. Thanks for this wonderful vote of confidence.

Ban Sidhe said...

Steve, you are always numero uno, with me:) I found your site on the right day, at the right time, just when I needed to. thank you for that, keep up the good fight "mo chara" (my friend in Irish)

Ban Sidhe said...

@ Anonymous:
Hello, I posted your comments, but I have to tell you straight out that I disagree with the 2nd part of your comment, here’s why: I recognise where you are coming from. I am an Irish Republican, and I make no apologies for my political views or the fact that I supported the Armed Struggle. I have witnessed the toll of a long war, I’ve seen the hatred, the internment, the many deaths, the sectarian murders, the injustice, all of it for 30 plus years. You cannot pass one mile without seeing some monument to people who have died in our struggle, they are everywhere, a constant reminder of our past. If you want to see what hate can do, then just Google “The Shankill Butchers” for a good example of what things were like here for us.

Albeit we now have a genuine and real peace process, and we are on the road to equality and Irish re-unification but it was not that long ago we shared many things in common with the Palestinians. So much is the same, when I see Palestine, I see Ireland. When I see a Palestinian, I see an Irishman. When I see villages in Gaza, I see West Belfast or Creggan in Derry. When I see the face of a Palestinian child, I recognize what I see in their eyes and souls. They are saying to the world “You will never break me, I exist, I am here, I am proud and I am Palestine!”

For me personally, the deaths of the Irish hunger strikers were horrific and affected me immensely. And until I witnessed this recent genocide in Gaza, I have never had those deep feelings again. If you’d have asked me back then, if I thought there were any good Protestant/Unionists living in Ireland, I’d have answered about them exactly as you just did there in your comments about the Jewish people.

Here’s the trouble with that. There actually were some good people, but the evil ones overshadowed the good ones. There are always SOME good people, always. I know that now first hand.

So, for these Jewish people I pointed out in my post, to have the courage to step out of the shadows and go against their own people, well, I just have to respect that. Because back then I was unwilling, or unable, to entertain the thought that any of them were “good or decent or trustworthy” because they were our enemy, they killed our people. And if I had been asked to trust any of them back then? My Answer? “Never!” So for my reasons above, those Jewish bloggers are better human beings than I was back then, and for that simple reason they have my utmost respect. Give them a chance until they prove you otherwise, IF they ever do. That is what I would ask, nothing more. There has to be a starting point, otherwise nothing ever changes and all hope ends.

You may also be interested in reading this post I wrote:

Anonymous said...

It's Israeli Jews who are going around the U.S. colleges and presenting the gripping documentary film "Occupation 101". I know Jews in the U.S. who wear the Palestinian flag pin on their jacket lapels. They really need our recognition and our support...they are true revolutionaries!

Anonymous said...
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