21 May 2009

Gaza "HOPE" Convoy~#1 Thursday

The boat from Libya is expected to arrive today around 4PM Egypt time in Alexandria, then be loaded with the convoy cargo, then leave for Port Said to arrive there later today. That's it for now folks:)


Herman said...

Gretta Duisenberg, from the Dutch organisation "Stop the Occupation" joined the group too. Delivering 750 hearing aids etc. Collected via a Dutch TV program. As progress in Egypt stopped, she decided to continue herself to Rafah and is waiting and phoning there now for a few days.
See pictures on http://www.stopdebezetting.com/wereldpers/gretta-duisenberg-s-webblog-reis-naar-gaza.html

I hope this adress is correctly typed, as I cannot copy-Paste into your blog



Ban Sidhe said...

Great work from the Dutch!! I am sure she will catch up with the convoy when it arrives at the border. Should be arriving Friday hopefully.

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