21 May 2009

Israel Says "It's Mine and You Can't Have It"

The racist Zionist war mongers are at it again sadly. The Racists are now attempting to pass a legislative bill which would effectively block any and all concessions to Palestinians regarding the city of Jerusalem. This sorta reminds me of a bumper sticker I once saw when visiting the United States. It was on the back of a big pick-up truck, which had gun racks on the window. The sticker said "You Can Have My Gun When you Pry My Cold Dead Hands Off the Trigger" This is Israels mindset in a nutshell, so let's all get our pliers out of the tool box, so we can all get ready to start prying.....................
MPs of Israel's ruling right-wing coalition on Thursday presented a bill aimed at blocking any concession to Palestinians on the status of Jerusalem, which Israel considers its "eternal" capital.

The projected legislation would require any change in the city's boundaries to have the backing of a majority of 80 of the 120 parliamentary deputies, as compared with 61 at present.

The MPs said the aim is to "guarantee the unity of the city."(In other words, illegally steal it for themselves)

The move came as Israel observed the 42nd anniversary of its occupation and annexation of Arab east Jerusalem in the 1967 Six-Day-War.

Israel considers Jerusalem its "eternal and indivisible" capital despite international rejection of the claim and Palestinian ambitions to make east Jerusalem the capital of their future state.

The previous government had indicated the Jewish state might be willing to give up sovereignty on some Arab neighbourhoods of east Jerusalem.

But Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's government, which was sworn in on March 31, has ruled this out.

The Jerusalem issue is among the main stumbling blocks in peace negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians, which have made no tangible progress since they were relaunched at a 2007 conference in Annapolis, Maryland. link