07 May 2009

Hey Israel~Show us your Nukes!

Israel is playing hide and seek with its nukes.

Wow, if I were a betting man, I’d bet that Israel has been breaking the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty for many years. They have an estimated 80 to 200 nuclear warheads so the USA claims, but I'd bet it’s many more than that! They most likely have enough nukes to take the world out 100 times over. I hope that Obama begins the process he has claimed he would do, and remove ALL nukes, from everyone, including and beginning with Israel. And why is it that the focus is on Iran anyway, it is Israel who had the long standing pattern of attacking its neighbours AND refusing to adhere to UN resolutions, including the nuclear Non-Proliferation.Think Iraq for a moment, the US invaded it looking for supposedly "hidden weapons of mass destruction" and found none, yet we KNOW Israel has them but hides them, but that's "ok" Oh the Irony............

The US claims it seeks universal nuclear adherence to the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty in remarks that specify the sole Mideast possessor of nukes -- Israel.

US Assistant Secretary of State Rose Gottemoeller told the 189 NPT signatories in a meeting on Tuesday that Washington wants the countries that have so far shunned the UN nuclear watchdog to join the pact against nukes.

"Universal adherence to the NPT itself, including by India, Israel, Pakistan and North Korea ... remains a fundamental objective of the United States," he claimed.

The top US arms control negotiator nevertheless declined to say whether Washington would in any way press Tel Aviv to join the treaty.

"The administration of President Barack Obama was encouraging all holdouts to join the treaty," Gottemoeller said.

Israel, which unleashed torrents of criticism against itself with its use of depleted uranium, white phosphorus and other unconventional arms in its latest war on the Gaza Strip, has been recently classified by the US military as "a nuclear power".

Under its policy of 'strategic ambiguity', Israel has neither admitted nor denied possessing nuclear weapons. The US has nonetheless shielded Israel -- which has an estimated 80 to 200 nuclear warheads -- from condemnation in the past 40 years.

While Washington has never pressured Israel to sign the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, it has lately been issuing calls for a "nuclear-free Middle East" -- a region in which Israel is the only nuclear power.

The so-called "don't ask, don't tell" deal commits both the US and Israel never to acknowledge information pertinent to Israeli nukes in public.

In 1986, Israeli nuclear scientist Mordecai Vanunu disclosed in the Sunday Times of London photos and the first insider account of Israel's primary nuclear facility in Dimona.

The revelation cost Vanunu 18 years in jail over treason charges and a travel ban that bars him from leaving Israel. source
Don't ask, Don't tell.............UPDATE, surprise, while I was making this post, Israel has answered Obama's call.Can you guess what their answer is? Oh, C'mon now, take a wee guess, you KNOW you wanna. Ok then, Answer below:
Israel has refused to heed a US call to join the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) -- which would require Tel Aviv to declare and relinquish its nuclear arsenal.

"This treaty has proven its ineffectiveness, it did not prevent countries like India, Pakistan and North Korea from acquiring nuclear arms," AFP cited a senior foreign ministry official as saying on condition of anonymity on Wednesday. source
No, but, if everyone joins then all the nukes can go away, including yours Isra-hell. Ah, but then you'd not have the capability to wipe out all Arabs around your little rogue state, as you are the ONLY country in the Middle East to actually HAVE Nuclear Weapons, but hey, let's not let the silly facts get in the way now, eh?