27 May 2009

HOPE Convoy Diaries~Egypt Part 1

I thought I would do a series of posts, over the next few days on the "hope" convoy's journey using some of the photos I have been sent so far from my two friends. I will be beginning with the arrival in Egypt, then to entering Gaza, and finishing with their work in Gaza. Remember you can click photos to enlarge.

Starting with today's post, Arrival in Cairo Egypt

HURRY UP, AND WAIT...........

Members who quickly arrived in Egypt on May 15th to join the convoy, ended up having quite a lot of time on their hands. They soon found out that the boat in Alexandria, was now required by Egypt, to be transferred to yet another boat. And that boat would then need to go to Port Said to unload the convoy aid and vehicles to the members and organisers.

Egypt would no longer allow large convoy's to pass across Egypt to Gaza. So, the organisers had to find a boat in Libya to come to Alexandria, then transfer the cargo to the Libyan boat, then sail to Port Said. At which point they would then unload the aid and the vehicles and then drive to Rafah. Not complicated right? Wrong! This ended up taking many days.With one problem after the other. Most at the hands of Egypt, others at the hands of fate.

As such, the members had time on their hands in Cairo. The organisers took them to many places as they waited for the Libyan boat to arrive.

Welcome to Egypt

Convoy members visited a beautiful Mosque:

Whilst other members saw the Pyramids:

And the more adventurist types rode Camels and Arabian horses around the desert and the Pyramids.

Camel Parking Only:

But their minds never left thinking about Gaza. When would the Libyan boat finally arrive? When would they deliver the humanitarian aid to those who are desperate? Given that Camels have been known to bite and spit, and generally be disagreeable. Many wondered if the Egyptians would behave like their camels, or be decent people and allow the aid to pass easily through it's Arab border...........

end part 1