26 May 2009

Israeli Soldier Discovers Conscience...........Not!

May I have the envelope please? And the winner is...........

This is really unbelievable, to be honest. An IDF soldier steals a Palestinian's credit card during the genocide, when the soldier was in his home. This "moral soldier" then goes out and withdraws 1,600 in cash, in other words, he STEALS the Palestinian's money. And, suddenly now that this crime has been discovered, he wants to return it (4 months later mind you) Suddenly this soldier had realised that his moral compass has been lodged up his own arse all this time. Imagine that!! And NOW he wants us all to believe he has removed it from his arse, and his moral compass is now working just fine.
One word...................bollix.

So, after 4 months (and getting caught red handed) he is returning the money, and get this...........with a letter of apology. Wanna know why? Here's the real reason, the credit card record, that's why! Not because he's sorry,or that the Palestinian in question reported this crime, which he did when he found out his money was stolen. But what if it was not traceable, what if it had not been a credit card? What if he had stolen cash from the home (like many of them did) and the Palestinian reported it. Would we be seeing the same outcome? Nah... here's why, there is a traceable paper trail directly to his thieving wallet. And, he could be charged with fraud and theft, as he very well should be, along with war crimes like the rest of the Israeli army. Oh, and I notice there is nothing mentioned about paying back any interest for this 4 month Illegal loan!!
Elite IDF soldier returns money looted in Gaza war

An Israel Defense Forces soldier accused of looting a home in the Gaza Strip during the Israeli offensive earlier this year has returned the stolen money along with a letter of apology to the Palestinian owner.

The Givati Brigade soldier confessed to stealing a credit card from the man's home and withdrawing NIS 1,600 in cash from that account upon his return from Israel. A number of days later, the Palestinian lodged a complaint and the soldier was arrested.

The soldier on Tuesday returned the cash through his lawyer, along with NIS 20 shekels in interest and the apology letter. "By the power of attorney, I hereby offer you in writing [the soldier's] regret and apology," the soldier's lawyer wrote in addendum. "My client seeks to right the damage caused and return the money.

The Southern Command military court will debate on Wednesday an appeal to hold the soldier in custody until the end of proceedings.

The army's police investigative unit launched a probe into the allegations last month after receiving the Palestinians' complaint and arrested two soldiers over the matter. link