25 May 2009


If you missed my last post, they are INSIDE NOW!! SPREAD THE WORD, THE SIEGE IS BROKEN!

I am so happy for all the Palestinians on the convoy who got home tonight. I can hardly type this update. There are media everywhere and cameras, but so far no big news agency has shown anything on TV yet as I am checking constantly as I type.I expect more reports and photos tonight, now that they are inside!! So check back after the greeting is over.

And for the Irish people a very special greeting from Gaza was given to Gerry MacLochlainn the Sinn Fein Irish Representative as he arrived in Gaza.

That greeting is below AND they said it in Irish:

"Tiocfaidh Ar La!"

For those who do not know that phrase, it comes from the Irish struggle for freedom, translated it means "our day will come"

I'm crying now