25 May 2009


Hello I just had a great phone call but it was far too short:(

There was a massive greeting for the convoy members. The press conference is over now and all the speeches have been done. The convoy members are now being driven up through Gaza to another location, I could hear the cheering in the background, there must be hundreds of people cheering for the convoy as they pass by. Sirens and cheering, that's all you can hear, it's amazing. Then my friend had to hang up but I will get another call when they arrive at the next location. Hoping to have photos as well, can't wait:)

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Anonymous said...

Something or someone tried to stop me from viewing this wee piece of good news. Heres to that someone having early heart attack or stroke. Viva Palastina Woohoo!
Let George Galloway speak in Kanada!
God, shine mercy on Gazans. Amen.

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