13 May 2009

Israel Pretends Compassion

Israel acts like human beings and will begin allowing more supplies to Gaza. Hey look, we're gonna let Palestinians have some food after 4 months of starving people, see, we're human and have compassion...........And I'm sure they will expect to be "rewarded" for doing what is morally right, that's the comical part of this scenario. It's like rewarding a murderer who stops murdering........OH, the irony of it all.
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will likely promise US President Barack Obama his administration will partially end the blockade of Gaza and allow foodstuffs into the area without restrictions.

As of Wednesday the Israeli crossing authorities were only partially opening crossings occasionally for delivery of limited food and animal fodder and the occasional truck of commercial goods.source


owl of minerva said...

pseudo iranian dangers, food for gazans, bibi will use his own grandmother as a bargaining chip if it suits him.

Sami said...

Sabbah´s blog recommended:

"Assalamu Alaikum"; a nice song from a live performance by Hellmut Hattler that goes around Israel / Palestine conflict and presents "The Wall" as a sample of this conflict. Peace!


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