17 May 2009

Lebanon Has Big Spring Clean

Lebanon arrests 13th Israeli spy in 2 months

Lebanese troops have detained another suspected Israeli spy in the eastern Bekaa valley as Beirut pushes ahead with a campaign to end Israeli espionage in the country.

Ziad Homsi, former mayor of Saadnayel town and current deputy mayor, was arrested in his home at dawn, a Press TV correspondent reported Saturday.

The latest arrest brings to about 13 the number of people formally charged with spying since April, when a former general in the security service, his wife and a nephew were detained.

The trio, who confessed to working as Israeli agents for over a decade, is accused of sending out information about Syrian and Lebanese military locations "to facilitate Israeli attacks."

Beirut officials have since uncovered several more spying cells.

Lebanese police on Monday displayed sophisticated 'Bond-like' spying gadgets recovered from the espionage rings used to spy on Hezbollah. These included a water cooler fitted with sensors to survey the landscape and a car battery charger that stored and transmitted data as well as USB removable drives containing detailed maps of Lebanon. source