11 May 2009

Pope Visit~Israel Controls the "News" ALL the "News"

In a further attempt to make trouble for the Pope and Palestinians in the upcoming "Pope Visit" to the region. Israel has shut down a media area where Palestinian and Arab reporters and journalists were to report on the Papal visit. If you recall Israel has made every effort to block the Pope from visiting Palestine or Palestinians.

Jerusalem – Israeli police and intelligence forces raided the Ambassador Hotel in East Jerusalem early on Monday morning, shutting down in advance a Palestinian Media Center planned in advance of the pope’s visit to Jerusalem.

The Israelis handed the management of the hotel an order signed by the Israeli internal security minister closing off a conference room that had been planned to be used as a media center, offering visiting journalists resources to cover the pope’s visit.

Pope Benedict XVI will arrive in Jerusalem later on Monday on his first visit to the Holy Land. Most of the Jerusalem holy sites the pontiff will visit are in East Jerusalem, which Israel occupied in 1967 and later annexed. The international community does not recognize Israeli control over the area.

The director of the Media Center, Ahmad Ar-Ruweidi, said they have assigned an attorney to follow up on the case, saying the Israeli raid was “illegal,” and signaled an intensification of Israel’s prohibition of Palestinian civil society in Jerusalem.

He stressed that the media center was a temporary installation, not a permanent institution.

The Palestinian Media Center commenced its activities on Sunday with two press conferences organized in cooperation with politicians and religious figures during which they criticized Israeli policies ahead of the papal visit.

For its part, the Jerusalem Center for Social and Economic Rights condemned the shutting down of the media center as a violation of press freedom and a restriction on civil activities.

The Jerusalem Center’s director, Ziad Al-Hammouri called on the Israeli authorities to reverse the order. source


Barbara L said...

Control freaks aren't they?

And to think they want to control the entire planet in this fashion. Phooey on that!

But why would this be a surprise? Palestinians have no rights including the right to speech. Heck they might say something true, henceforth blasphemous.

Look at how they controlled media regarding that horror last December/January? Look how they control the minds of North Americans with their white washed lack of information.

"My His Majesty Herr Ratzy is looking very well turned out today. Are those the latest style of kid leather Versace Sandals he has on? Yes, my they look comfortable. The press briefing says that his gown is straight off the catwalk in Milan. That's HAND DONE embroidery folks!"

That is how it will be sold in North America! LOL.

Freedom of the press and media? oh, come on now, don't believe it for a second! It is all about control.

Ban Sidhe said...

You said it Barbara. If israel had its way they'd lock down the internet. They hate it when the truth gets out:)

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