06 May 2009

Spain~Israeli War Crimes Trial UPDATE

Rhetorical Question: What happens when you have an honest Judge who wants to place Israel on trial for war crimes, yet the government is under control of the Zionist lobby. I have been following for the last few months, the Spanish judge that is attempting to place IDF Israeli soldiers on trial for war crimes dating from 2002 when they murdered 15. Since this judge has taken the case, of course the Jewish lobby in Spain has begun its threats and arm twisting tactics, as well as calling in all favors owed by members of the government of Spain. (Like they did in America recently with the AIPAC spy case that was dropped) The media has attempted to smear this judge(much like Charles Freeman), reporting the Judge only wants fame and to further his career. I say “so what” at least he has the “chutzpah” to stand up to Israeli criminals. Today two reports out, first one tells of the case up to now, the second one is quite telling, it’s a statement from the Spanish prosecutors office, they don’t want the case to go forward, sound familiar? Sleazy slimy Israel is allowed to murder at will, because they have Israeli mafia in every country, couple this with crooked Politicians bought and paid for by the Israeli lobby. This is why they are allowed to keep committing crimes.

A Spanish judge said Monday he plans to continue an investigation into a 2002 Israeli bombing that killed 15 people, including a suspected Hamas militant, in Gaza City.

Judge Fernando Andreu of Spain's National Court said while Israel's military conducted its own internal investigation into the bombing, he has seen no evidence the country's military or civilian prosecutors are looking into the matter.

"In Israel there has not been, nor is there now under way, any legal proceedings aimed at investigating the Gaza bombing," the judge wrote.

For that reason, Spain has jurisdiction to continue investigating whether the bombing was a crime against humanity, said Andreu.

Spanish law gives its courts jurisdiction beyond national borders in cases of torture or war crimes, based on a doctrine known as universal jurisdiction. If an indictment is issued, it clears the way for international arrest warrants, and — in theory, at least — extradition to Spain.

Israel's Foreign Ministry called the judge's decision "ridiculous" and groundless, while Israeli Defence Minister Ehud Barak said Monday he plans to ask Spain's government to intervene and prevent the investigation.

"There isn't a more ethical army than the Israel Defence Forces. I have no doubt that those who acted then to hit Shehadeh acted with a clear head and an eye locked on one target only — to protect Israeli civilians," said Barak.

Raji Sourani, director of the Palestinian Centre for Human Rights, hailed Andreu's decision as a "great victory."

The Spanish probe is examining the role of seven senior current or former Israeli army and security officers in the 2002 Gaza City bombing. Fifteen people, including suspected Hamas militant Salah Shehadeh, were killed when an Israeli fighter jet dropped a bomb into the densely populated area.

Israel has defended the attack as a legitimate strike against a terrorist.
The subjects of the Spanish probe include former Israeli defence minister Benjamin Ben-Eliezer, former Israel army chief of staff Dan Halutz and five other current or former army and security officials.link
Next the response from the State Prosecutor's Office in Spain AKA the Jewish Lobby in Spain:
Monday, May 4, 2009
State Prosecutor's Office Response to Spanish Judge Fernando Andreu's Decision to Open an Investigation against Six IDF Commanders and Senior Israeli Officials

State Prosecutor's Office Response to Spanish Judge Fernando Andreu's
Decision to Open an Investigation against Six IDF Commanders and Senior
Israeli Officials

(Communicated by the Justice Ministry Spokesman)
"We have yet to receive the decision. We regret that the Judge issued his
decision in contravention of the clear position of the Spanish prosecutor.
We believe that the decision will be rescinded following an appeal by the
prosecutor. The filing of a suit in Spain by the Palestinian Center for
Human Rights is a cynical move and an attempt to exploit the Spanish
judicial system in order to advance a political agenda against Israel. We
are convinced that the Spanish Government and judicial system will do their
utmost so that this does not succeed." link
For background on this you can read my posts HERE about the case, and HERE about the Israeli lawyers trying to get the case dropped, now today we see the above report from the State Prosecutor's Office. Easy to see what is taking place here. Israel doing what it does best, controlling other countries. And in other news from Spain today, the Israeli Ambassador to Spain was called a "Jew Dog" after a football game:
Israel's ambassador to Spain, Rafi Shotz said the three perpetrators shouted slurs like "Jewish dog" and "dirty Jew" until they were driven off by Spanish police escorting Shotz. link
I do not condone anti-semitism,but people in the world are angry at Israel and are venting that anger. Additionally, I'm quite sure that all those dead innocent Palestinian women and children would rather be alive and called "Muslim dog" or "dirty Muslim", than be dead from Israeli murderers. Names don't kill, DIME missiles and white phosphorous DO kill. This is why you are hated now, Israel, you brought this on yourself with your actions in Gaza. So "deal" with it