06 May 2009


Israel once again finds much fault in the new UN report condemning Israel’s slaughter of UN compounds, schools, UN workers, refugees and children. Like a Ghost Hunter/TAPS residual haunting that repeats itself over and over again. Israel is yet again pointing their truth finding divining rod fingers (pictured below) at HAMAS, the REAL culprits.Israel claims the entire escapade is the fault of none other than HAMAS. WARNING Israeli Logic ahead: You see, it was HAMAS’ tanks, drones and US supplied F-16’s with bunker busters, DIME missiles and white phosphorous bombs that caused the destruction and deaths in Gaza. Israel only had a few light rifles and home made rockets akin to large fireworks, so they couldn’t have caused all the deaths and damage. Thanks for clearing that up for us stupid people who thought we saw Israel killing Palestinians. Article below, followed by more accusations from Israel against HAMAS.
A new UN report that confirms Israel's "gross negligence and recklessness" in its Christmas war on the Gaza Strip has raised hackles in Tel Aviv.

A four-member inquiry board appointed by UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon on Tuesday affirmed that the Israeli army had failed to protect UN personnel and civilians that had taken shelter in UN buildings.

A 184-page report, which has not been entirely published due to Ban's objection, found Tel Aviv responsible "for the deaths and injuries that occurred within the United Nations premises and the physical damage that was done to United Nations' premises.”

In a statement, the displeased Israeli Foreign Ministry branded the report as "unbalanced, biased and oblivious to the facts."

"Israel rejects the criticism in the committee's summary report and determines that in both spirit and language the report is tendentious, patently biased and ignores the facts presented to the committee," reads the statement.

Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak was also quick to dismiss the findings, once again blaming Hamas for the casualties of the December-January operation against the strip.source
Israel also notes, that HAMAS is responsible for Swine Flu, Global Warming, Increased Hurricanes and Cyclones, worldwide obesity, crop circles AND crop failures,the AIG and US financial meltdown (Even though Bernie Madoff was Jewish, Israel claims a HAMAS insider absconded with all Bernie’s stolen money, it has been reported in an Israeli Newspaper that the money was hidden in a Gaza tunnel and has since been destroyed during Operation Cast Lead) From all of this I am only left to assume that HAMAS is also responsible for the filling that fell out of my tooth this morning. I shall immediately contact Ismail Haniya the HAMAS Prime Minister for reimbursement of said filling and also ask for compensation for pain and suffering.

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