12 June 2009

#2 UPDATE Iran's Election

Again, from the Guardian:
There are still huge queues to vote and the candidates have had to be reminded about the elections rules on campaigning, writes Ian Black from Tehran. IRB TV reports from Shahrikord in southern Iran that lines at polling stations seem to be getting longer as the day goes on. It's the same story in Kerman,

Omid, a 28-year old English student, says many of his relatives who had
never voted before have done today - just to get rid of Ahmadinejad

He reports visiting many polling stations in the centre and north of Tehran and insists the turnout is far larger than in 1997, when the reformist Mohammed Khatemi won a landslide victory that ushered in a period of liberalisation at home and detente abroad.

Omid's firm conclusion: a Mousavi win today - not in a second round next week. And some of his conservative friends have switched from Ahmadinejad to Rezaei after the president's embarrassing performance on the economy during their TV debate earlier this week.

Ahmadinejad's charts "explaining" his control of inflation and other indices became an instant laughing stock.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Important Note: If people are switching from Ahmadinejad to Rezaei (hardliner), this is a GOOD thing for Mousavi and the Reformists. It will split Ahmadinejad’s vote which will then cause Mousavi’s vote to increase:) Even so, this thing may go into next week in a run-off, I hope not, but that’s how I see it, hope I’m wrong.