30 June 2009

AIPAC In Panic Mode ROFL

Awe, poor little Israel, according to the Zionist Entity AIPAC controlling American Politicians and American Foreign Policy, it would appear they are starting to enter the "OMG Panic Mode" due to the ongoing (and very excellent) boycott and divestment campaign against the Rogue Statelet referred to as "Israel" check this out for a refreshing burst of "Feel Good"
Pro-Israel Lobby Alarmed by Growth of Boycott, Divestment Movement

The movement to call Israel to account for its crimes against the Palestinian people is growing, it is "invading the mainstream discourse, becoming part of the constant and unrelenting drumbeat against Israel." It could eventually threaten the existence of the Jewish state by undermining the support it receives from its strongest backer, the U. S. government.

That was the message of alarm delivered by the Executive Director of the American Israel American Israel Public Affairs Committee, Howard Kohr, to the AIPAC Policy Conference on May 3.[i]
Here are just a few tiny examples:
Veolia: a major victory for the corporate boycott campaign

European solidarity activists have waged a particularly effective campaign against the French multinationals Veolia and Alstom. These companies are part of a consortium that is building a light railway connecting occupied Jerusalem to Israeli settlements in the West Bank, reinforcing Israel's hold on Palestinian land.

In the U.K., the Palestine Solidarity Campaign conducted an active petition campaign against Veolia's attempt to win a 25-year waste collection and recycling contract worth £1 billion ($1.6 billion) with the Sandwell Metropolitan Borough Council. On March 16 the council announced that Veolia had failed to qualify for the shortlist of three companies that would be invited to bid on the contract.

Also in March, the Swedish national pension fund AP7 announced that it was removing Alstom from its investment portfolio. Activists in Sweden had organized a public education campaign for divestment. The pension fund specifically cited the Jerusalem rail project as the reason it had blacklisted the company.[xiii]

The following month the Urban Community of Bordeaux cancelled its contract, worth 750 million euros ($1.0 billion), with Veolia. Although the French municipality cited commercial factors, the cancellation came in the wake of a major controversy over Veolia's involvement in the Jerusalem project. The Galway City Council in Ireland and the Stockholm Community Council in Sweden both recently decided not to renew their contracts with Veolia.[xiv]
Proud to be Irish
Finally, the pressure became too much for Veolia. On June 9 the Israeli daily Haaretz reported that the company was abandoning the Jerusalem project. The paper described the company's decision as a "body blow" to the project, noting that "the French firm had been losing major projects in Europe because of its involvement in the Jerusalem job. Observers claim that's the real reason Veolia opted out."[xv]

This marks the first major victory of the corporate boycott campaign. Veolia was forced to divest from the Jerusalem project as a result of a targeted and sustained campaign in various countries, coordinated internationally with the help of the Palestinian BDS National Committee. The victory demonstrates how such campaigns can produce tangible victories. It is likely to spur supporters of Palestine to increase their efforts to force corporations to sever their ties with Israel.

COSATU and the Palestine Solidarity Committee reaffirmed their commitment to campaigning for boycotts, divestment and sanctions against Israel. They called on the South African government to sever diplomatic and trade relations with Israel and announced a week of activities under the theme: "Free Palestine! Isolate Apartheid Israel!"[xvi]

COSATU was the first major national labour federation to call for boycott, divestment and sanctions against Israel. Several other national labour federations have followed suit, including those of New Zealand and Ireland. MUCH MORE HERE
And here's a little more we did:
Trade unionists are to launch a boycott of Israeli goods as part of a major campaign to secure a peaceful settlement in the Middle East, Stormont heard today.

The Irish Congress of Trade Unions (ICTU) launched a report on Israel and Palestine compiled by senior members who visited the troubled region.

ICTU President Patricia McKeown led the Middle East visit that involved 11 senior members of the umbrella group representing trade unions across Ireland, including 36 trade unions with 250,948 members in Northern Ireland

Sinn Fein President Gerry Adams who hosted the report's launch in Stormont's Long Gallery commended the trade unionists.

Sinn Fein President Gerry Adams told today's event: "Since the visit by the ICTU delegation, Gaza has been the target of an all-out military assault by Israeli forces. Over 1,300 people were killed, many of them children.

"Unless the international community and that includes the Irish government, the British government, the EU and the US government exercises its considerable influence and authority, any relaxation of the current assault on Gaza will only bring a short respite for citizens there."

He said a sustained international effort was needed to secure a durable settlement and added: "If the conflict here taught us anything, that is that no conflict is intractable. There are solutions." source
Keep the pressure on, keep the boycott moving, keep going after companies that support the Zionist agenda. They're going down,AIPAC's worried, now's the time to keep kicking them.


PlanetMichelle@ said...

Isn't it grand?! Power does belong to the people!
If you know of this rap song, Invincibility:Emperor's clothes...her boycott song is really powerful. I hate rap but maybe the topic just never suited me before!
I think it's clear that the Israeli monster shot itself in the foot with Gaza. It was too outrageous to go unnoticed, especially after S. Lebanon and that was the recipe for their (dare I say it?)demise. For something to be so obviously horrible that even their friends and allies would have to distance themselves from them! I would now say that I'm not looking to Obama and his band of Zionists to make "it" happen clearly it's up to the people. Sticks and stones...when enough people unite it hurts! Of course it helps when the evil one makes a bad bet and turns around to find their buddies standing shocked and speechless with an angry crowd picking up rocks behind them! Now many of them are pretending they were "with us" all along...heh.

Barbara L said...

An Update I did on European boycotts. Got pictures in there to see what is being bothered. YOOHOOO and what is no longer being funded ... CLUSTER BOMBS! "Alstom's manufacturing and selling of cluster bombs cost them billions of dollars in investment by AP7."

Veolia is also being targeted by Aussie activists.

It is very frustrating to live in a country where no one even wants to discuss these things. That is why I blog. No one is interested! Not that I have found yet...

I will mention it when I am talking.. "omg it is so hard to find beauty products that are not Israeli based." To blank looks. I might say, "well I boycott Israeli goods" They either say ... "oh that is nice"... or wander off. Either way in both cases eyes are glazed over immediately at the word "boycott".

Being Canuck can be embarrassing at times....

Ireland has been an inspiration, but also so have the Europeans and the Limeys.

And the US people have taken on Trader Joe's. Hit the f*ckers where it hurts. They are addicted to money.

PlanetMichelle@ said...

ditto. Except these days I say it loud with pride and give the WTF look if someone looks at me like I am a nut. Like "why the hell aren't you doing it" kind of thing. Trends are started easily, just make people feel like the odd man out, and do it first. "You buy Israeli products? ewwww!"

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