12 June 2009

ATTEMPTED BOMB ATTACK of George Mitchell in Lebanon

Hmm, who would benefit from such a thing, I ask myself? And then myself says this; "I wonder how many of those Israeli spies are left inside Lebanon"
The Lebanese police have defused a parcel bomb just as US envoy George Mitchell, who is on a visit following the pro-US coalition's parliamentary win, entered the country.

The package containing about 200 grams of TNT and C-4 plastic explosives "did not explode due to a technical failure," a security official in Beirut told AFP on condition of anonymity.

The source, however, added that sneaking explosives into general security offices -- which is in charge of border security and airports -- would not be "an easy task".

The incident came just after Mitchell entered Beirut on Friday, calling the June 7 parliamentary elections an "important milestone" for Lebanon. source