12 June 2009

Gaza Siege To Be Lifted???

Could it really be possible? I was just reading the news online and tucked away inside another story on Mitchell's visit to Israel, I found this quite important little bit that seems to have been glossed over. It states that the Zionist government will discuss lifting restrictions this Wednesday, including export out of Gaza as well:
Another matter expected to top the agenda during the meetings is the humanitarian situation in the Gaza Strip. Netanyahu and Barak will brief Mitchell about Wednesday's scheduled special cabinet meeting on the subject, expected to result in a decision to lift restrictions on importing foodstuffs and other goods into the Strip. The cabinet is also expected to lift the ban on exports. source
Maybe they want to avoid another "scene" with Galloway standing at the Rafah Border LOL:) But seriously, if the Israelis do this, lift the siege, it will be a crumb thrown at Obama, in lieu of stopping settlements, rest assured........UPDATE they met and have now linked lifting the siege to progress on the release of Gilad Shalit, see below:
JERUSALEM, June 11 (UPI) -- The easing of restrictions in Gaza will largely depend on progress toward the release of abducted Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit, the Israeli Cabinet ruled. link

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Barbara L said...

Honey, I believe NOTHING that comes from those people in that part of the Middle East.

Until we see PROOF ~ and that is almost always suspect if it is Israeli ~ I just don't think it any more than just another lie from people who have a ritual (forget the name of it at the moment) that is taken yearly to remove from them any stain OR OBLIGATION to keep promises made, or debts owed (to goyim).

But, fingers crossed, maybe, some day....

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