01 June 2009

HOPE convoy Photos

Hi everyone, I created a slide show containing the photos of the convoy from Al Arish to the Rafah crossing. When you view the slide show if you, or your organisation is represented in any of the photos and you'd like a copy, just leave me a comment with your name and which picture you want and I'll tidy it up in Photoshop for you and post it on a page here for you to copy it. have a look at the example below the slide show, a before and after photo example. Once I finish tidying up the photo you want I'll post it here on this blog for you to copy.

Note, this is just the first batch of photos, I have many more to get through, including some videos and photos from Palestinians that document war crimes. I will be writing about this and posting more photos over the next week, so check back from time to time. Here's the first batch below, followed by the example I mentioned above.Note that none of the photos in the slide show are cleaned up.

below are two examples of the same photo. One original and the 2nd one cleaned up. Remember if there is a photo of you or your organisation and you'd like a cleaned up copy, leave a comment on this post with your name/organisation and which photo it is and I'll clean it up and post it for you here on this blog so that you can copy it.

example 1 original CLICK TO ENLARGE

example 2 cleaned up CLICK TO ENLARGE