01 June 2009

Israel Vows to Kill More Innocent Palestinians

Prime Minister Adolf Hitler, I mean Benjamin Netanyahu, says there will be "no letting up" on the illegal siege which is an act of war on Gaza. By continuing the illegal siege Israel will cause the deaths of many more innocent civilians, which, blood thirsty Zionist will rejoice in.

Israel's Netanyahu holds firm on Gaza blockade

JERUSALEM — Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu vowed on Sunday there would be no let-up in Israel's much-criticised blockade of Gaza, warning that the ceasefire with the territory's Hamas rulers remained fragile.

"We are being asked to ease the living conditions of the population and allow goods and equipment in, but we have other priorities in the Gaza Strip," a senior official quoted Netanyahu as telling a cabinet meeting.
Notice how Hitler shot himself right in the foot and actually admitted Israel is punishing an entire population because of whom they voted for in a democratic election? War Crimes! And he also mentions they have "other priorities" in Gaza, want to know what those priorities are? Killing as many as possible, that's the Israeli priority.
"We do not want to strengthen Hamas, not by allowing them to rebuild their defences," he said. link
I particularly love that statement above, How can feeding innocent people, or allowing plain old paper, or kidney dialysis parts, or CT scanner tubes, or water, or any of these things inside Gaza that the people need, since when are these things helping "terrorists" No, Israel wants as many dead Arabs as they can get, one way or another, can't bomb them, starve them, or withhold medical treatment by asking Little Israel, I mean Egypt to close it's border and not allow sick and dying people to get to the hospital for treatment.