03 June 2009

HOPE convoy Video

I just found these two videos on YouTube first one was made be some younger members of the convoy who went around videoing different people in the convoy. It is not an official video, but I thought people might be interested in seeing it anyway. There are a few decent parts in the video when they are interviewing different people on the convoy. I enjoyed when Italian Senator Fernando Rossi was interviewed where he said he is a pacifist but needs to think militarily, also the Irish bits from the Sinn Fein rep were very good as well.

The second video is an interview with Gerry MacLochlainn Sinn Fein and appears to be a recent interview after he returned to Ireland. The interviewer is an eejit, but MacLochlainn said some good political stuff in that interview, he explains and describes the situation in Gaza and the Israeli actions. Also gives a good insight into the people of Gaza and makes reference to the Irish peace process that only began to work when ALL political parties were brought into the process, e.g. Sinn Fein. Prior attempts were made by the British to create a peace process by negotiating only with certain parties, those attempts all failed. It was not until the US government pressured British to talk to Sinn Fein until things began to move forward. He also tells about meeting with HAMAS in Gaza.