03 June 2009


This post is #2 in the "Hope Convoy" Diaries. It covers the convoy delivering aid to Shifah hospital in Gaza. Diary #3 tomorrow will be Khan Younis Nasser hospital, dialysis unit and rehab center with photos showing the damage Israel inflicted directly on this hospital, a clear war crime!

The first stop was Shifah Hospital in Gaza where the majority of the aid was delivered to.
Our first morning started with a visit to Shifah Hospital, the largest in Gaza. Here we met the senior doctors and medical staff who explained the reality of the blockade imposed by Israel, which leaves them with inadequate medicine, equipment or even basic disposables, such as needles and paper.

Huge crowd gathers at hospital to welcome convoy and photograph the aid being delivered: CLICK PHOTO TO ENLARGE

Swedish vehicle delivering aid: CLICK PHOTO TO ENLARGE

The doctors at each hospital were eager to get their hands on the ambulances, drugs, disposables, wheelchairs and dialysis machine that we had brought from so many caring countries in Europe.


Holland and Norway delivering aid: CLICK PHOTO TO ENLARGE

Gerry MacLochlainn, the deputy leader of the convoy joined the convoy leader and Italian Senator Fernando Rossi at the press conference in the hospital grounds.
Hundreds of people pressed around us and it was clear that the aid was only a drop in the ocean compared to what was required.

Shifah Hospital Press conference: CLICK PHOTO TO ENLARGE

The fact that Europeans cared enough to collect this aid, and many travelled with the aid to Gaza, was a real boost to their morale. As each day they face the reality of a never ending 2 1/2/ year siege that denies them even the very cement required to rebuild their homes, hospitals or schools destroyed during the Israeli invasion.
I have included a slide show below of all the photos from the Shifah Hospital aid delivery, there are about 20 or so. YOu can use the controls to stop the slideshow at any point, or go forwrad or backwards. If you, or your organisation see a photo here or in the slide show that you would like, leave me a comment here and I'll get one to you.
NOTE: The next HOPE Diary #3 will be posted tomorrow. This will be Khan younis Nasser Hospital. Where the convoy delivered more aid, toured the Dialysis unit, trauma and rehab area (this is very sad) and also toured the area in the hospital that had been attacked by Israel, clearly a war crime as you can see Israel from the windows of the hospital. This is a disgrace!