12 June 2009

Iranians VOTE In Ireland & UK

Iranians in UK, Ireland Cast Votes in Friday Polls
TEHRAN (FNA)- Voting in Iranian presidential elections began on Friday in polling stations across the UK and Ireland.

Iran's Ambassador to Britain Rasoul Movahhedian, who is the head of the electoral headquarters, underlined the need to hold free and fair elections.

He said that the organizers of the elections should abide by the electoral law and try to hold 'healthy and lively elections'.

"According to the demographic dispersion of Iranians living in Britain, there are 15 polling stations for the 10th presidential elections," he said.

Movahhedian added that Iranians living in Glasgow, Sheffield, Bradford, Brighton, Birmingham, Nottingham, Manchester, Leeds, Newcastle and Cardiff can also cast their votes while five polling stations have been set up for the voters in London.

He said that organizers and supervisors of the elections as well as government employees in Britain should avoid promoting for any specific candidate on the day of elections.

"All are duty-bound to provide necessary facilities for the people to cast their votes in a calm environment," he said, calling on Iranians living in Britain to participate in the elections and choose their next president.

Ali Alemi, the head of the Guardian Council's Supervisory Board in Britain, urged supervisors in the 15 polling stations to observe the rules and supervise the administration of the elections.

According to election rules, candidates and their supporters are banned from any type of promotion and election campaign on the day of elections.

Iranians in Ireland can also cast their votes in Iran's Embassy in Dublin. link