12 June 2009

updated x1 Voting Over In Iran

update, the turnout is so big the closing time for voting has now been extended THREE times, they're still voting!

Take this comment below from the Ahmadinejad camp with a "grain of salt" I think we may see a run-off in a weeks time. The votes will start being counted tonight, then there is 24 hours before anything is announced. Until then it's just speculation. This was, for Iran, a bitter hard fought race with massive nubmers of people taking to the streets for weeks calling for change. We will see.....

The Ahmadinejad camp claims their man is winning.

"Based on the evaluation of Ahmadinejad's position he is ahead ... with 60% of the votes and we are certain that the election will end in the first round in his favour," Ali Asghar Zarei told Mehr News Agency, according to Reuters.

Voting should now be over. An anonymous blogger posting on Bazar Dispatch says it took some friends up to two hours to vote