26 June 2009

Israel To Stop West Bank Raids

Not so fast, check out the last line of the article. This leaves open the gaping hole that any time Israel wants to make up an excuse, in order to send in the terror squads to "collect" and intern any Palestinians they don't like. Additionally, invading another country is an act of war, but hey, who's counting.
Israel agrees to limit incursions in WBank cities

JERUSALEM, June 25 (Reuters) - Israel has agreed to largely keep its forces out of four Palestinian cities to try to boost a Palestinian security campaign supported by Washington, Israeli and Western security sources said on Thursday.

Palestinian leaders have long demanded that Israel pull its forces back from population centres in the occupied West Bank to positions they held before the outbreak of a Palestinian uprising in 2000.

Israeli and Western sources said Israel agreed to refrain from entering Bethlehem, Ramallah, Jericho and Qalqilia, except in cases where the army believes militants are poised to attack Israelis. source