29 June 2009

Israeli FATAH Agents Seize HAMAS Members

When will they learn to stop being Israeli Agents and join in solidarity with other Palestinians to stand against Israel the occupying force. Seriously time for FATAH to re-think their strategy, which, for cooperation with Israel they have received more settlements. Yeah, how's that working for ya FATAH?
Bethlehem – The Hamas movement on Monday said that Palestinian Authority forces detained seven members in the West Bank on Sunday night.

The movement added in a statement sent to Ma’an that PA forces arrested in Qalqiliya Nour Ad-Din J’eidy, Jamal Al-Husny, Mursy Jaber Shreim, and Saed Samha.

In Jericho the forces allegedly arrested Ibrahim Kassab and Iyad Hamdy Wahbeh.

In Salfit, Omar Mer’y was arrested, the movement said. source