29 June 2009

Zionist Occupying Force Responsible for MORE Deaths

The Zionist Entity perpetuated a collective punishment on the Gaza population which left many buildings and homes destroyed and in serious dangerous condition. Additionally they have not allowed in proper materials for Gazans to repair or rebuild their homes in the hopes that buildings will collapses and kill more. Today they got their wish.
One Palestinian was killed and three more were injured when a house collapsed in the Ash-Sha'ath neighborhood of eastern Gaza on Monday.

The home had been damaged by Israeli shelling in the area during the country's offensive in the Gaza Strip in late December and January.

Three Palestinians were taken to Ash-Shifa Hospital with moderate injuries, according to Dr Mu'awiyah Hassanein, the head of Emergency and Ambulance Services within the Gaza Health Ministry.

The official added that there were reports of three more people missing in the house, which witnesses said collapsed while workers were doing repairs. source