17 June 2009

Jewish Jihadists Biggest Threat To Peace

The new and greatest threat to Middle East Peace has been discovered and named by a UK Journalist. They are the Jewish Jihadists

Forget about the new Grey’s Anatomy Video Game Forget about Jack Black Dropping the F-Bomb on Letterman Forget about Obama’s Cheeseburger Run Never mind that Starbucks recalls 530,00 Coffee Grinders because they can turn on unexpectedly and injure you (don’t forget to boycott them) And never mind about being ripped off as Propane suppliers quietly reduce size of refills And those in the UK, don’t worry about this: Doctors'may not work amid pandemic'

Yes, gentle readers, forget about all of this silly fodder, because we have a new threat that will thwart Peace in the Middle East and could spiral out of control. We’re talking about “Jewish Jihadists”

A wonderful take on the Zionist Cockroach Settlers, who I will now re-dub “Jewish Jihadists” taken from the article below from the Telegraph. A definite must read, written by Julian Kossoff
So Benjamin Netanyahu's keynote foreign policy speech appears to have committed his right-wing government to a freeze on new settlement building on the West Bank.

Or did it? The Israelis have been dealing from the bottom of the pack on this issue for decades and the Israeli PM still reserved the right to allow for 'natural growth' within settlements, i.e., allowing the children of settlers to set up home within existing communities.

Indeed, it is these 'children of Israel' that may turn out to the biggest obstacle to peace that the Israel side can throw-up, mirroring the militancy and madness of Hamas.

President Obama attempts to force a reluctant Netanyahu to impose a settlement freeze on Israel is about to be tested by 'Generation Z'; the settler youth who have swarmed out of the larger settlement blocs, close to the 1967 Green Line, and occupied the Judean hill tops.

Very young, devout and extremely violent, their disarming appearance - their tie-dyed style would not be out of place at the Glastonbury Festival - belies the fact they are the shock troops of hard line Zionism.

They view their parents - themselves ideologues and 'true believers' of the greater Israel creed - with the same disdain that Mao's Red Guard viewed the older generation of communists, as weaklings and sell outs. They, by contrast, are willing to use any means necessary to command every inch of the West Bank.

These 'Jewish jihadis' have ferocity of belief and they will not be prised out of their hill top fortresses without one hell off a fight, a fight that Israel hasn't got the stomach for.

Netanyahu's government is riddled with sympathisers of 'Generation Z' who will browbeat him at every turn.

They have already tested the political-military establishment during the Gaza pullout in 2005. Using a mixture of passive resistance and spurts of violence they opposed the evacuation, occupying the settlement buildings and forcing the army to manhandle them off the premises.

The Jew-on-Jews conflict pained many in Israel, as the settler youth begged their army contempories weeping and imploring them, as fellow Jews, to stop, before turning nasty and spitting on them and calling the Nazis as it became clear that the emotional blackmail would not work.

Gaza - which barely features in the Torah - was merely a test run. The main event, if and when it happens, will be biblical Judea and Samaria , aka the West Bank, central to the Old Testament narrative.

Recent attempts by Netanyahu to placate America by removing the odd illegal settlement have already engendered a sickening response. The settler youth vented their frustration on local Palestinian farmers, beating them up and ripping out their olive trees, and sought to intimidate those sent to into affect the removals.

Thus a senior police officer received a letter from settler activists which read, "We know where you live, we will harm you and your family, and we'll know how to deal with you."

Heroes of these fresh-faced zealots come from an Israeli rogue's gallery of political criminals. They include the Jewish fascist Rabbi Meir Kahane, 'the butcher of Hebron' Baruch Goldstein and Yigal Amir, the assassin of Yitzhak Rabin.

Thanks to Israel's generous policy of arming them against Palestinian attacks, plus a considerable arsenal they no doubt have pilfered from the army stores during military service and nicked by sympathisers, they are part of a Jewish underground that willing to murder and maim Arabs and reign terror on Israel's body politic.

This death-cult they belong to will make them the willing cannon fodder for a nightmarish Israeli civil war that many fear will come if serious settlement removal is ever attempted.