17 June 2009

HAMAS Secret Weapon & Other Stuff

OMG, New non-lethal secret weapon "light sensors" to remove Israelis from Palestine.
A Jewish couple are suing neighbours over motion sensors that turn on the lights in their communal stairwell, which they claim make it impossible for them to leave their flat during the sabbath.

Like many Orthodox Jews, Dena and Gordon Coleman will not use electricity between sundown on Friday and Saturday night, which they regard as a day of rest. But since the sensors were installed at Embassy Court in Bournemouth, the lights come on as soon as the Colemans set foot outside their front door — which they say makes them responsible for switching them on and therefore prohibits them from leaving the building.

The couple are suing their neighbours, saying that their human rights are being breached. If their claim is successful, the owners of the 35 flats in the seafront building will be liable to pay the couple’s costs as well as any damages. link
HAMAS should install these lights all over Palestine, use them as vampire repelling agents, like holy water, especially in the West Bank Settlements to repel them all back to Israel.

And more news bordering on the absurd specialness aspect:
'Kosher' search engine launched in Israel
A new "kosher" search engine called Koogle has been launched for orthodox Jews living in Israel, allowing them to surf the net without compromising the religious standards set by their rabbis
Well, I can see why they went with the “K” for Kosher, rather than the “J” for Jewish, otherwise it would have been called “Joogle” instead of “Koogle”

I wonder if Google will make one for Muslims, if so then will it be called “Moogle”?? And one for Born Again Christians, would that be called “Coogle”? And what about Hindus? Would that be “Hoogle”?And then there’s the scientologists, would theirs be called “Soogle”? And Buddhism would be “Boogle” then there is Taoism which would be “Toogle” Oh, and we can’t forget about all the Wiccans and Pagans, would there’s be called “Woogle” and "Poogle" respectively?

Sorry, couldn't’t resist the humour factor.

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Barbara L said...

OMG too funny Irish! The top couple are out and out eejits. They remind me of the old Kosher ladies who came to my shop who shaved themselves bald to be modest but wore very hot and sexy wigs to cover their heads. No sense at all. Alas, however, they are very kosher and we know full well Israelis as such are everything but. They could care less, on the whole, about their religion except as a tool.

As for the second piece. The hypocrisy is just unbelievable. Who is behind white slavery and the degradation of a lot of western standards? Who is behind the proliferation of pornography and runs Hollywood and the gay acceptance thing? Shakes head.

Wanders off into the morning mist, pondering.....

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