08 June 2009

Jews Call Obama the "N" Word

UPDATED, they've done it AGAIN,called Obama the "n" word AND they also claim that each time Obama pressures Israel they will retaliate by burning a Palestinian out of their home!! And they have already started to do this, see here when you finish reading the original post below:

This is priceless. Young drunken Jews in Israel have made a youtube video insulting Obama. They are none too happy with Obama's speech to Muslims (Surprise!!!!) They don't want Americans to start thinking Muslims are normal and nice people, they want Americans to hate Muslims, because that serves the Zionist Entity's purpose and allowed them to continue to kill Palestinians and steal their land.

See what happens? When you scratch the surface, it doesn't take long for the "racism" to leak out. Anyone who thinks these people want peace, or would ever even remotely treat Arabs as equals needs a reality check. Israel is a rogue state filled with Racists.
Young Americans in J'lem 'feel the hate' for Obama

A new video posted on the Internet featuring inebriated American Jewish youth in a Jerusalem bar spouting hate-filled sentiments

In the video, filmed on June 3 and titled "Feeling the Hate in Jerusalem on the Eve of Obama's Cairo Address," the visitors to Israel are asked their opinions on President Barack Obama and his relationship to the Jewish state.

"He's a f**khead... I don't know politics, but he's a s**thead! Anyone who wants to take away my gun rights is an a***ole. He's an a***ole and deserves to get shot," declares a bandana-wearing youngster.
(Time to notify the CIA, he's just threatened the POTUS)
The camera shifts to his friend, who denounces Obama, frat-boy style: "Obama shouldn't pressure Israel for shit. Netanyahu told him to f**k himself and that's how we do it here in Israel baby, (applause) yah!"

Another member of the group stands up and declares, "I worked for the Obama campaign, but honestly, you f**kin' with Israel, you mother, STOP IT!" He stands and points his finger at the camera lens.

"White power, f**k the ni***rs!" declares the bandana-clad drunken youth as a final word from the group, grabbing the microphone to make his point.
Nice one.....here's the video:


Barbara L said...

My favourite is the clueless Political major "Yeah I know my sh*t" who does not know who Netten Yahoooo! is. To be honest I have heard it said that American Jews are almost more hard core than many in Israel. And these are the ones who move there for awhile.

Max Blumenthal (Mondoweiss) who made this is the same one who so innocently interviewed the Jews at that awful pro Zionist rally in New York last January. He has also done a few recent AWESOME pieces of the Friday riots. He is a nice Jewish boy who probably has a price on his head by now.

But that nice Jewish boy look gets him in to places an Arab could not go, and confidences that an Arab would not get. But go to his site and check out his two part piece on the demonstrations. I was literally breathless watching.

Oh btw.. Haaretz and all the papers have been trying to minimalize the damage "just high spirits" etc etc. But no one is buying it. How do you spell BUSTED?

Ben Heine said...

I saw this video, this is really disgusting!

Free Palestine Writers said...

Ben, I can't belive you are banned from deviant art. I'm closing my account there!

Free Palestine Writers said...

Barbara, Racists can always keep a handle on their racism, until they get angry, then it leaks out of them like water.

Zionist+Alcohol=Instant Racist

the TROLL of all TROLLS said...

Well, i just hope the Muslim world allows Obama time to get powerful, and dont start hating him like the Jews. He is still a very young President, and it will take him a year or two before he can even chase out all of the Bush/Cheney spies from the Government. And yes the Jew that threatened Obama has probably already been gotten to. Obama has some very serious and loyal Muslim bodyguards around him.

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