09 June 2009

Huge Delegation of EU Parliamentarians Come to Gaza

The largest European parliamentary delegation to arrive Gaza

The governmental Committee to break the blockade declared that the largest European Parliament delegation will arrive in the Gaza Strip through the Rafah border crossing on Tuesday.

Hamdi Shaath, the Chairman of the Committee, said in a press statement issued by the Information Office of the Commission, on Monday: "The delegation includes 41 European parliamentarians, including a number of heads of European parliaments, and it comes from 15 European countries, pointing out that the Vice-President of the European Parliament," Luisa Morgantini" heads of the delegation.

He explained that the delegation would look into the areas destroyed by the occupation during the last war in Gaza.

Shaath explained that the Commission has provided all the necessary preparations in order to facilitate the task of the delegation in its visit to the Gaza Strip.

Shaath called on the delegations which come to Gaza to transfer the whole truth to the outside world and to expose the continued Zionist practices against the Palestinians in the strip, in addition to the disclosure of the damage caused by the continuation of the strict Zionist blockade for more than three years. link