14 July 2009

BREAKING NEWS~Abbas Killed Yassir Arafat

FATAH senior official Farouq Qaddoumi, the secretary general of the Fatah’s central committee says President Abbas helped to murder yassir Arafat. No matter how you look at this, FATAH is in trouble. Never mind about reconciliation with HAMAS, they have their own serious problems within, and have for some time. Perhaps if Abbas would stop working with Israel and the US as an agent against this own people, then he would have much more support and less internal problems:
Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud ‘Abbas was party to the plot to assassinate the late Palestinian leader Yassir Arafat, a senior Fatah member said on Monday.

Abbas conspired with the Israeli authorities to assassinate Arafat, who died in November 2004, Farouq Qaddoumi, the secretary general of the Fatah’s central committee, claimed at a news conference in Amman on Sunday.

According to Qaddoumi, shortly before his death Arafat entrusted Qaddoumi with documents about a secret meeting between senior Palestinian officials, Israeli officials and American intelligence officers.

The participants of that meeting included ‘Abbas, former Palestinian preventative security chief Muhammad Dahlan and Ariel Sharon, who was Israeli prime minister at the time.

They planned to assassinate Arafat and other leaders of Palestinian factions, Qaddoumi said.

According to the documents, Sharon told ‘Abbas and Dahlan they must work together to kill “all the military and political leaders of Hamas, Islamic Jihad, the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine and the Fatah-affiliated Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades.”

Sharon, according to a summary of the documents presented at the news conference, said that “the first step should be to kill Arafat by poisoning him.”

Sharon said he did not want to expel Arafat without guarantees from the receiving country that the Palestinian leader would be put under house arrest. Without such a guarantee, “Arafat would go back to living on an airplane,” Sharon said, referring to Arafat’s extensive travels around the Middle East before he came to the Palestinian territories in the early 1990s.

Qaddoumi said he urged Arafat to leave the Palestinian territories at the time, but Arafat refused.

‘Abbas proposed, according to the documents, that Israel press Arafat into accepting the assassination of other “resistance leaders.”

Arafat was co-founder of Fatah, and later became the movement’s leader. He took Fatah from armed resistance to peace talks with Israel early 1990s.

Qaddoumi, who is also head of the political department of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), accused ‘Abbas of despotic behavior within Fatah.

Qaddoumi’s accusations mark a new high in the tension between rivaling Fatah members.

Qaddoumi represents a segment within the Fatah organization that refuses to recognize the Oslo Accords that led to the creation of the Palestinian Authority, and views Israel as an occupier and not as a potential partner for peace talks.

The run-up to the upcoming Fatah conference was marked by heated disputes within the organization over the venue. The final decision to hold it in Bethlehem was criticized by Qaddoumi, who refuses to hold the conference under what he calls the embrace of the Israeli occupier. He has reportedly proposed to hold a separate conference outside the Palestinian territories to compete with the main gathering.

“I think this is the last thread between Qaddoumi and Abu Mazen,” Shurab told The Media Line, referring to ‘Abbas by his nickname. “In making these statements, Qaddoumi cut any channel between him and Abu Mazen for reconciliation.” entire article here


realistic bird said...


It was always suspected that he had a hand in it or at least someone close to Arafat was in on it. If this is true then it should have been revealed a long time ago.


irish4palestine said...


"If this is true then it should have been revealed a long time ago"

well said. I do not know if this is true, but I do belive 100% Israel had a hand in this. Abbas does seem to be quite power hungry and willing to do anything to remain in power, that includes collaborating with Israel even now, and accepting wepaons supplied by Israel to use against fellow palestinians. For this i can give him no respect what so ever. Infighting is one thing collaborating with the enemy then or now, is quite another.

PlanetMichelle said...

wow, interesting! My Palestinian husband said this at the time! But I dismissed it as "I guess Palestinians can't accept that people die, not always murdered in a conspiracy!"
These Arabs, they always seem to have a sense about these things. Now I am re-thinking about Princess Di...heh!

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