14 July 2009

Palestinian House Demolitions Continue

Monday In Jerusalem and Palestine, had much to do with Monday in Ireland

I find it so very prophetic; On Monday, as yet another Palestinian family stood by helplessly watching their house being demolished by Israeli thugs and land grabbers:
Jerusalem –Israeli bulldozers on Monday morning demolished a Palestinian home in the Beit Hanina neighborhood of northern Jerusalem.

Ma’an’s correspondent at the scene said the demolished home belonged to Alaa Shweiki, was 120 square meters in size and was inhabited by eight members of the Shweiki family.
Thousands of miles away in Ireland, this was taking place:

Solidarity Against House Demolitions and Evictions

A make shift camp was created in front of historic Free Derry Corner, consisting of many tents to signify the homeless in Palestine. This was done as part of an international solidarity campaign against the Israeli Policy of house demolitions and evictions.

Directly in front of Free Derry Wall, another wall was built, to represent the Apartheid Wall built by the Apartheid State of Israel. It read: “Demolish Apartheid Wall Not Homes” later, the wall was broken down by children.

A band from Morocco called Gawa Fusion played the event, they were brilliant, especially the song for the Women of Gaza. I have included a video of the opening of the event below this post along with photos of the event. You can visit Gawa Fusion website here and you can listen to them here

during the day's event, collections were taken from participants and cars passing by, who gave greatly for the cause.

Preface; I drove up to Derry from where I live a two hours ride, and forgot my camera, so had to use my mobile phone:) Hence the video quality not the greatest, but the band surely was. They are a mix of sounds. The best song was one written for the Women of Gaza, absolutely beautiful. At the 4;40 mark on the video, the Apartheid Wall is torn down by the children, if only.........