27 July 2009

"Cast Those Devils Out"

And who says "Satan" does not exist? Oh those "Warm and Fuzzy" Zionist men of "God" like Ovadia Yosef, a radical racist nutjob that makes Lieberman look like an Evil Little Chipmunk. Preaching from his perch overlooking Hell, Ovadia Yosef is at it again:
The spiritual leader of Shas movement, Ovadia Yosef launched a sweeping attack on the United States because of its demand that Israel cease settlement. He said: "We are not slaves to them."

He objected during the weekly sermon to the pressure exercised by the U.S., said: "Our messiah will kick them out."

Joseph criticized U.S. President Barack Obama and Western leaders to exercise pressure on Israel to stop settlement activity, adding: "Do not build here and can not build there, as if we are slaves. We were judged by the slaves (referring to Arabs), but our messiah will come and cast those devils out". source
This is no isolated incident sadly. Some of his past rants have included these "Warm and Fuzzy" statements:
In 2000, Yosef declared that Prime Minister Ehud Barak has "no sense" because he is trying to make peace with the Palestinians, which he likened to another senseless act, attempting to make peace between a human and an animal such as a "snake", which is motivated by instincts that cannot be overridden, asking, "Will we make peace with a snake?"


In April 2001, BBC News reported that, "The spiritual leader of Israel's ultra-orthodox Shas party, Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, has provoked outrage with a sermon calling for the annihilation of Arabs."


July 2001 speech, Rabbi Yosef called for Arabs to go to hell: "In the old city of Jerusalem they [Arabs] are swarming like ants. They should go to hell — and the Messiah will speed them on their way.
Evil is, as Evil does………….and So,speaking of furry Critters, here's some comedy, check this Evil Chipmunk and Indecent Squirrel reports

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Greg Bacon said...

JA, VE just want to build a few more (hundred thousand) homes on the land we stole.

It's ours, that's why we stole it, if you don't believe that, just look it up in a book written by some other Jews called the OT.

If you still don't believe the land we stole fair and square is still ours, then you're anti-Semitic.

Besides, what else are we going to do with all that Wall Street money that MADOFF to our little piece of hell?

Buy off the US Congress? Ha-ha, don't make me laugh.
Those little weasles are already in our back pocket.

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