27 July 2009

Israel Becomes America~And Does Not Like It

There I was feeling all mopish. I mean it's hard to keep a Positive Mental Attitude over the Palestinian situation when you check the news everyday, only to find the Evil Rogue State has done yet another outrageous act against Palestine and Peace. Yet, as I perused the various news articles, my mood deepened........AND THEN I caught site of a headline that deserved investigation. Yes, could it be? Oh, this is too good to be true my little self said. Dare I click on that link, only to be dejected once again should it only be a mere "tease?" I held my breath and clicked. Eureka!! I hit Gold...Israel is having a shrieking meltdown as is evident in a report from the J-Post below.

Here's the ironic bit folks. You know how Americans are sick and tired of all the Zionist control and bullshit taking place in their country? Like the AIPAC spy case, the Jane Harman kerfuffle, the Bernie Made-Off scandal, the 25 million dollar scam perpetuated on Elderly Americans, and the latest vile act of money laundering for Israel and organ scamming by Rabbis in New Jersey? Well, lo and behold, it appears as if Israel is not liking America poking it's nose into Israeli affairs by pushing a peace process and demanding Israel uphold it's agreement against settlement building. Now, "Tut Tut" you Zionist Rogue state you, it's not like Americans are controlling your country with huge lobby groups, bribing and picking your politicians,and getting Billions off Israeli taxpayers annually, or even stealing kidneys from your people and selling them on the black market.........this reaction over America's insistance on a halt to settlements is priceless:
I don't recall Barack Obama winning the recent election for prime minister of Israel. Do you? Yet it seems he thinks he holds the office of Super Prime Minister - or is the title Dictator?

How does Obama think he has the authority to make such dictatorial demands on Israel? Does he not recognize that Israel is a viable and successful sovereign state? Does he consider Israel to be just another US state - or a colony of the US under his imperial jurisdiction?

How can anyone in the world understand why Obama and all the leaders of the European Union and the United Nations keep pressuring Israel concerning the relatively insignificant matter of building a few more houses in the Jewish settlements in Judea and Samaria

World leaders just keep pouring the blame on Israel for the Roadmap's lack of success. They claim that Israel has put up many roadblocks to hinder the poor Palestinians' progress. They accuse Israel of being the big, bad bully - always giving the innocent, hapless Palestinians a hard time. source
Who can be "down" when you can read this stuff LOL