22 July 2009

The Enemy Within America

In a shocking discovery, an Arab millionaire who has dual citizenship and made his fortune in America is now funding terrorists who are committed against peace between Israel and Palestine.. The US State Department has contacted the ambassador to the country and demanded the man stop funding these anti-peace terrorists. However, in a bold move the Prime Minister of the country re-buffed the American demands. Additionally, the Arab man sponsors a video game that encourages the player to kill pro-peace people.

100% True Story,only the people are reversed. The Arabs are not the enemy, instead it's actually "America's Best Friends" Yes, America has a "Frenemy" that's a "friend" who is an "enemy" The real truth is that a Zionist millionaire, Irving Moskowitz, who lived in America, still has a shady business, and used America to make millions (off the backs of Latinos and other minorities) so he could then take that Shady American made money, to support Zionist racist settler expansion in areas deemed "no go" by the American Government. And more recently he has garnered the ire of the US State Department and Obama, over his refusal to halt building in illegal land inside East Jerusalem which is destined to be the Capitol of Palestine in the two state solution. In essence he’s told the US government to effectively “Piss Off” And, Netanyahu has backed him up and also told America to "Eff Off" as well.

And yes, it's true about the "assassination Video Game" Moskowitz sponsors the game, want to see it in action? go HERE

So, why does America allow these scammers to operate inside America, make money and effectively work as agents for Israel??? People like Zionist Bernie Made-Off, who stole 64 billion off Americans, and THESE Zionist agent scammers who just recently stole 25 MILLION off of elderly Americans, and then this lovely excuse for a human being Irving Moskowitz, the slum lord millionaire and gambling thug. Here's another must read about Americas Best Friend and Pimp Moskowitz. Americans should see what they are supporting and paying for, another MUST READ pdf file: Gambling on Extremism, How Irving Moskowitz took over a small town to bankroll Israel's anti-peace settlers. Here is more:
Irving Moskowitz is a Florida-based bingo and gambling magnate who uses proceeds from his businesses to fund right-wing pro-Israel organizations in the United States and radical Israeli settler groups. Moskowitz, a retired doctor and millionaire who originally built his wealth by buying and selling hospitals, also funds social service outfits in Hawaiian Gardens, California, a small, mostly Latino city just outside Los Angeles where Moskowitz's gambling business is located. A controversial figure both in the United States and Israel, Moskowitz's Hawaiian Gardens casino has been unsuccessfully sued by concerned citizens in the United States for alleged abuses committed against its workers (see the website of the Coalition for Justice in Hawaiian Gardens & Jerusalem, at ( stopmoskowitz.org ) In Israel, Moskowitz has been severely criticized for using his wealth to try to dictate government policy and making controversial land purchases in Palestinian enclaves in Jerusalem and the Occupied Territories LINK.
There's much more...And here’s today’s news story:
A Jewish-American bingo mogul with a penchant for buying up land in politically explosive areas of Jerusalem is the key figure in the latest dispute between Israel and the United States.

Israeli officials confirmed that the State Department called in the Israeli ambassador to demand that Israel halt plans to build 20 apartments for Jews in east Jerusalem, the section Palestinians claim for their capital.

The land, it turns out, belongs to Irving Moskowitz, an observant Jew with deep pockets and a hand that has generously doled out funds to settlers determined to cement Israel's hold on disputed areas of the holy city.

Israel claims it carefully protects the holy sites of the three religions, but the hawkish government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has revoked the hints of compromise from previous governments, insisting that Israel must remain in control of the whole city.

Israel captured east Jerusalem in the 1967 Mideast war. Unlike the West Bank and Gaza, Israel annexed east Jerusalem. Though no other country recognizes the annexation,

Moskowitz has been a key, if shadowy, figure in the drive by some to cement Israeli rule in all of Jerusalem.

"This is Netanyahu and Moskowitz coming back for a repeat performance,"

Also, he was involved in the restoration of an ancient tunnel in Jerusalem's Old City in 1996, during Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's first tenure. That touched off Palestinian riots in which 80 people were killed.

Attempts to contact Moskowitz or representatives through his foundation were unsuccessful. His lawyer in Jerusalem declined to comment.
Ah yes, tucked safely away in Israel, out of reach of the American system, which, he was happy enough to use in order to make his ill-gotten millions, I might add! When will America STOP allowing them to have dual citizenship???? sadly there's more:
Moskowitz, a former physician, made his fortune selling (American) hospitals, then augmented his wealth with bingo and casino operations in the Los Angeles area.

Several months ago, he received a permit from Jerusalem city hall to build 20 apartments on the site of the abandoned Shepherd Hotel, which he bought in 1985. This project has raised the ire of the Obama administration, which is trying to pressure a resistant Israel into announcing a total settlement freeze.

On Sunday, Netanyahu rejected the U.S. criticism of Moskowitz's Shepherd Hotel project.
Netanyahu to Obama: "Eff Off" and check this out:
"We cannot accept the fact that Jews wouldn't be entitled to live and buy anywhere in Jerusalem," Netanyahu declared, calling Israeli sovereignty over the entire city "indisputable." (that's your Best Friend talking to you!)

Moskowitz also has varying degrees of ownership in plans to build hundreds of apartments in other neighborhoods around east Jerusalem.

The projects, while all permitted under Israeli law, are extremely contentious because they are in the middle of Palestinian neighborhoods that surround the most volatile site in the walled Old City of Jerusalem _ a shrine known to Jews as the Temple Mount and to Muslims as the Noble Sanctuary and distinguished by its well-known golden dome.source
Jeez, America you have a serious infestation problem devouring you from the inside out, sucking all your money, and creating hatred against you in the world. Time to call the pest exterminators to clean your country and government of these vermin who control you.


Greg Bacon said...

You seem to have touched a nerve at the Z Street blog, since they devoted one whole posting to you.

I left a comment on their blog at the link below, but I wonder if it will be publihed.

Maybe if I recited the Communist Manifesto and pledged undying support to that nation of racists, bigots, assassins, land thieves, con artists and murderers, they'd gladly publish my comment.

Keep up the good work, they don't like scrutiny.

P.S. If Z Street is such a big thing, why in the hell are they using a Word Press blog for their home page? Maybe they're waiting for a welfare check from Uncle Sam?


irish4palestine said...

Cheers Greg:)
Yup, it's crappy little free blog but soon AIPAC, the ZOA and the Israeli Gopvernment will start padding their pockets with propaganda money as usual. That hasbara dept must spend billions, maybe that's where Made-Off sent the money.

I have noticed in my stats they come here all day long from that trash site, they love it that someone, anyone, is talking about them LOL makes them feel all big and important. My blog feels dirty and unclean now as it has been contaminated by them.

btw, Firemen rock, props to you for your years of service!

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