22 July 2009

America Glutton For Punishment~Israel Happy

Mini-Madoffs Strike From Israel

Israel, which likes to call itself “American’s Best Friend” has recently been stealing off elderly Americans. No, I am not talking about Bernie Madoff “Made-Off” sadly I am talking about twelve more of “America’s Best Friends” working for Israel and based inside Israel.

Working from their vipers nest inside Israel, they managed to bilk more than…….wait for it………..$25 MILLION DOLLARS from elderly retired Americans. So one question America. How do you like your “best friend” after Madoff, these 12 scammers, AIPAC, ZOA, ADL, the AIPAC spy case, Jane Harman kerfuffle and the billions Israel gets off the American Taxpayer annually? How’s that working for ya? Story follows:
Twelve people have been indicted on charges of running an Israel-based telemarketing fraud that bilked elderly victims in the United States out of more than $25 million, authorities said.

The defendants are accused of calling victims in the United States and falsely declaring that they had won an international lottery, according to criminal indictments unsealed in U.S. District Court in Manhattan Tuesday.

Victims were told they needed to pay thousands of dollars in fees and taxes before claiming their prizes, authorities said. There was no lottery and the apparent victims never received any cash prizes, even after sending money to the defendants in Israel, officials said.

The 12 were charged with conspiracy to commit fraud through telemarketing. Several also were charged with mail fraud and wire fraud.

The callers typically were paid commissions based on the number of victims they recruited to send in money, authorities said. source
Like I said, America is a glutton for punishment where Israel is concerned. 64 Billion from Madoff and 25 Million from these scammers, not to mention the billions Israel gets off the American Taxpayer annually, wake up people.......

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Greg Bacon said...

Millions is chump change, compared to the trillions that the Fed has printed up and gave away to overseas banks.

Money that Fed head Ben "Shalom" Bernake is refusing to say where it went or who actually received the loot.

Let me guess... Hmmm... I wonder where a lot of those trillions made it to? Hmmm, damn, the answer is staring me in the face, but I can't seem to remember what country makes a living out of stealing military secrets, business secrets and has had its associates caught repeatedly stealing money from Wall Street.

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