04 July 2009

England Questions Israel On Kidnapped Britains

Days after Ireland verbally battered the rogue state, England finally gets the picture that piracy is a crime. About fecking time! Hey Obama your turn now..........
A spokesperson for the United Kingom's foreign secretary has raised the issue of an aid ship seized by Israel's navy with the country's government, according to British news reports.

"We can confirm that six British nationals were detained by the Israeli authorities. We have visited them and we are providing consular assistance to them," a spokesperson for UK Foreign Secretary David Miliband said on Saturday, according to Sky News.

"We would be concerned if the stories of the Israeli navy boarding the Spirit of Humanity in international waters were true," she added, but said that the legal status of Gaza's coast is complex.

Nevertheless, the said the country's Foreign Ministry was looking into claims that the takeover by Israel's navy of the ship and her 21-member crew on Tuesday violated international law, according to Sky.

Meanwhile, several of the six British nationals being held by Israel told the news agency that they were being held in "atrocious conditions" at the prison, where they are awaiting deportation apparently for entering Israeli waters, which they have categorically denied.

Ishmahil Blagrove, 40, said, "I'm in a cell with 14 of us. The cell is about seven by four. There were just two fans that only covered half of the cell when we got here." "We all screamed and shouted so they gave us a third. It's really hot in here. Everyone is complaining."

The British nationals, who said they had no idea when they would ultimately be released, reportedly spoke to Sky News via mobile phones provided by UK consular officers who visited their cells, which are inside Israel's Ramla Givon high security prison in Tel Aviv. source