02 July 2009

Gaza Got Hope? "NOPE"

Pretty Words and a Shiny Smiling New Face don't replace actions and deeds. So says a new poll just taken inside Gaza. Yup, Gazans aren't so quick to jump on the "Obama Hope Train" just yet, in fact, they don't see much difference in him and many other POTUS' save for Bush that is. Actually some say American policy is going backwards where Palestine is concerned. Must say I can't blame them for this reaction and I'm not surprised either because day after day Israel continues it's illegal land and water grabs, and every day more Palestinians are ethnically cleansed from Jerusalem.

My guess is that when Israel has completed destroying all Palestinian homes in Jerusalem, expelled and relocated all Palestinians from Jerusalem, effectively colonized all of Jerusalem, then we will suddenly see Zionist Leeches wanting peace. All they hav eto do is continue to stall, stall, stall, and stall....poll below:
An American-funded Middle East based research center found a general Palestinian interest in the regional visit of US President Barack Obama, but little hope for positive change despite recognition of a progressive tone shift, a poll found.

The Arab World for Research and Development (AWRAD), funded by the American Middle East Partnership Initiative (MEPI) carried out an opinion poll of 1,200 Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza Strip between 12-14 June.

Results showed at least two-thirds of respondents stated followed the news of Obama’s visit to the region and 62% heard or read the speech the American President delivered on 4 June in Cairo where he laid out his Middle East agenda.

While Obama’s position is seen by many in North America and Europe as a step forward in Middle East policy, a majority of respondents in the AWRAD poll said Obama’s positions represent “no change” or a “regression” from previous American positions on the issue of Palestinian statehood.

The regression did not seem to be in comparison with former US President George W. Bush, as questions seeking measurement for Obama against Bush saw the former favored, as 30% of respondents saw Obama’s Middle East policy as better than Bush’s.

The effects of the Obama visit were predicted by respondents to make the situation in Palestine worse. For example, about 65 % believe that President Obama’s visit will lead to a tightening of the closure on Gaza and another 62 % believe that President Obama’s visit will lead to the reinforcement of the Israeli occupation in the West Bank and only 14 % strongly believe that his visit will lead to a halt in Israeli settlement activities linky link