17 July 2009

Gaza Hit By Israeli Fire

Israel sends message to Gaza: "No Fishing Today, No Wages Today, No Food Today." Israel has stolen another days wages and another days catch of fish, as it's Zionist Warships fired on Gazan shores Friday morning in an unprovoked and illegal display of weaponry, war and siege.
Israeli warships opened fire on Gazan shores Friday morning, causing no damage or injuries, but scarring fishermen away from the coast.

Fire from the naval ships permanently patrolling the Gaza coast since Israel’s war on the area in December and January, was heard for kilometers around the shore near Gaza City, locals reported. Fire from the ships was also heard Thursday night, when shores were empty.

On Friday fishermen quickly evacuated the area, and will likely lose a day’s fishing.

Head of Ambulance and Emergency services in the Strip Dr Muawiyah Hassanein confirmed that no injuries were reported. source