02 July 2009

Israel Gets Taste of Own Medicine

Elvis, I mean Bush, has left the Building....................

Oh this is priceless, the psychotic withdrawal meltdown continues, across America and Israel the Zionists are in full blown panic mode as they see the end of their “speshul” status being stripped away for the sake of world peace and American interest. Like little heroin addicts, they are suffering horrendous withdrawals. Take for instance this moronic article below from the “Examiner” meant to scare monger American Jews and Americans in general. What I find particularly interesting is how they now suddenly don’t like the US interfering in their plan to colonize the Middle East and their never ending actions designed to continue a perpetual war against Arabs in Lebanon and Palestine. The jig is up, the mask has slipped and they don’t like it one little bit. Check out the comedy of this Zio-Rant below:
First, President Obama in effect ended the U.S. alliance with Israel.
(And need we say it’s about friggin time! Yes, Oh Tiny Zionist Man, Israel has cost America billions and has single handedly created the main reason for Anti-American sentiment worldwide. So yeah, time to cut the apron strings, sink or swim on your own.)
Second, he derided the basis for Zionism and dismissed Israel’s need for national security.
(Whoa, lookout Folks, it's no holds barred and take no prisoners time in Zio-Land. Yes, it's the big double whammy, “derided the basis of Zionism” that means Obama has recognized that Zionism is Racism, which it is. And so far as “national security” another red herring, Israel has the 4th largest army with nukes, hardly need any more money from the USA. Perhaps Israel should ask Bernie Madoff for some of that “missing” money. Which, is probably sitting pretty in an Israeli bank right about now.)
He denies that the Islamists want to wipe out Israel and assures us that they can work things out. He feels that the U.S. can accomplish curbing Israel rather than the terrorists.
(Israel is the problem, not Iran, Lebanon or Palestine. He just hates that people have woken up to the evil land grabbing, land colonizing, racist apartheid rogue state called Israel.)
So third, he is having envoy Mitchell set up in Jerusalem a headquarters for U.S. counterparts to every Israeli security executive. The purpose is to second-guess the Israelis and to subvert them, as a colonial power does to natives. This includes citing U.S. reports minimizing Israeli security needs.
(ROFL this one is my personal favorite. Imagine Israel complaining about some other “colonial power” country interfering, and then referring to “Poor little Israel” as the “natives” Three Words POT-KETTLE-BLACK. This statement he makes stands in stark contrast to the truth which is that the Palestinians are the natives and Israel is the “colonial Power” interfering in their country. Like I said, total comedy, but nice “hasbara” attempt.)
PM Netanyahu is not expected to tell the U.S. officials to back off. How will he handle this unwanted U.S. interference in behalf of Israel’s enemies? So far, Netanyahu has tried talking with Mitchell for hours. But the U.S. is adamant. Netanyahu is wasting valuable time. Netanyahu has to extricate himself from the Obama-Mitchell trap.
(Ooooooh looky here, the Zionist racist asshat has now coupled the “USA and Israel’s Enemies” together, calling on Net-And-Yahoo to “extricate” himself from America. I say “Oh Hell Yeah” and that means not one penny more, not one weapon more, no more special status, no more dual citizenship, no more AIPAC, no more ADL, no more controlling congress and the senate. A total hands off approach. Let’s let Lebanon, Iran and Palestine sort it out with Israel, like the “Thunder dome” may the best country win. Yup, I’m all for that scenario. Never thought I’d agree with a Zionist LOL)
Netanyahu has three main problems: (1) Iran acquiring nuclear weapons; (2) Securing Israel’s strategic interests in Judea-Samaria; and (3) Maintaining sole sovereignty in Jerusalem, all without an open break with the U.S.. Obama’s policy is to thwart Israel on all three.
(You Betcha, Oh Evil One with forked tongue. You do not get to continue to colonize and ethnically cleanse Jerusalem, you do not get to continue your illegal land grabs, and so far as the Nukes go, how about signing the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty like Iran did, eh? You forgot that little tidbit didn’t you, Oh Tiny Zionist One.)
Not much noticed is Obama’s attempt to whittle away Israel’s defensible border on another front. To review that, click here
(The link he refers to is yet another of his rants, this time regarding the Golan Heights, which, his Zio-Pals stole and refuse to give back. See below)
In addition to demanding that Israel give up the strategic mountain provinces of Judea and Samaria, plus Gaza Strip, U.S. envoy Mitchell demands that Israel cede the strategic Golan Heights. He depicts this as part of peace-making
(Wowzer, notice how the Gaza Strip was included in that “Diatribe of Disgustingness” Anyone, with any doubt that they want to take over the entire Middle East should have absolutely no doubts now. Straight from the Zionists mouth.)
The U.S. would strip Israel of strategic borders past which the Arabs repeatedly launched attacks on Israel. It would give those regions, some of which now are parts of the State of Israel, to Arabs who still want to destroy what would be left of Jewish sovereignty. That is not peace-making. It invites war by boosting the prospects of victory, irresistible to jihadists.
( And just who repeatedly attacks other countries with massive Modern Military weapons? Why it’s Israel, surprise! And this remark, again only proves they are Apartheid Colonizers “Some of which now are parts of Israel” What he really means is we stole them and want to keep them. And yes, returning the land you stole is called peace making, it removes the reason for the conflict. But they don’t want to remove the reason of the conflict. The conflict is their “golden cow” the gift that keeps on giving, all that money from the America Taxpayer, all those billions would dry up if peace came. And then of course he has to “Pull A Bush” and state the fallacy that returning the stolen land would “embolden” the “Jihadists” Very funny tiny Zionist man, using the politics of fear won’t work any more, because just like Elvis, “George Bush has Left the Building” FYI just in case you were not aware.
Foolish, if peace were the U.S. goal. Futile, if long-term Arab friendship, were the U.S. goal. Effective, if destruction of the Jewish state is the U.S. government’s goal.
(Oh you big tease you;-) Stop it, just stop it will ya? It’s not nice to dangle such a prize, you big tease you. But hey, let’s hope this is the beginning of the end of Israeli domination of the Middle East and America, shall we?)