10 July 2009

Israel Makes Mistake-Re-Writes History

Could it be Israel made a huge colossal mistake? Well it appears so, because Israel is scurrying to re-write it’s own history to coincide with reality, which has, apparently, now smacked Zionism in the face. So, if your self created religious doctrine appears to not be coming true, then no problem, just re-write history........
No Longer in Exile: Overhaul of Diaspora Museum Reflects a New Zionist Narrative

It has long epitomized the Jewish state’s superiority complex toward Jews who live abroad. Tel Aviv’s Museum of the Jewish Diaspora was theoretically about the Jews living dispersed around the globe, but its narrative had them all ending up in Israel.

One of the main things that will be changed in the new museum is the old-fashioned Zionist narrative, which expected the Diaspora to disappear as Jews immigrated to Israel. Currently, the Jewish past is dealt with in five sections on Diaspora history. The sixth section deals with the end of the Diaspora in the establishment of the State of Israel.

It’s a reality that has not come to pass, and the new museum will reflect that.
(Oooooooops, MASSIVE FAIL, quick, revert to "Plan B" change the ending narrative while no ones looking, Shhhhhh)
“There will be no endpoint to the exhibition,” Armoni said, drawing a contrast with the current exhibition. “It will start with Abraham and Sarah from the Bible, and there will be no end — it will continue to develop as the story of the Jewish people is still unfolding.”
( "There will be now end, the story is still unfolding" translation=Oh shit, they're not all coming back!!!)
The changes at the museum represent the latest stage in an evolution in Israeli thinking about the Diaspora. Until the 1970s, Zionists of all political shades tended to be committed to the principle of shlilat ha’galut, translated as “negation of the exile.” The Israeli school curriculum promoted the idea.

there was a widespread belief that the future of the Jewish people lay in Israel and not in the Diaspora, and it was in this context that the Diaspora Museum was established. “Ask Israelis now what they think about Jews coming from countries where they aren’t persecuted, like the U.S. and Britain, to live in Israel, and they’ll say,‘Those who do are nuts.’
(So there you have it, straight from the horses mouth, or in this case the Zionists mouth. "Those Who Do Are Nuts" ROFL)
There has been a notable lack of opposition to the changes. Even pressure groups that fight to strengthen Zionist identity in Israel, such as the hawkish Institute for Zionist Strategies, which produces leagues of tables telling how well different lawmakers score in terms of “Zionist legislation activism,” welcomed the plan.

“Zionists don’t expect every Jew to move to Israel today,” institute founder and president Joel Golovensky said.
(Yeah, now that the writing is on the wall that it ain't gonna happen. So it's Re-Write History time, Zionist Style)
“many people are not so sure that Israel is the safest place for Jews.”
Still ROFLMAO.........