03 July 2009

Israel Offers "CHICKEN" To Gaza


Israel wants to trade "Chickens and Canned Goods"for Gilad Shalit

The Zionist Entity wants to offer a "partial" lifting of the illegal siege as an incentive to get back the ZOF captured soldier Gilad Shalit. They are offering to allow these items into Gaza: coffee, tea, soups, meat, fish, canned goods, fuel, clothing, kitchenware and egg-laying chickens.

Now, I ask you, notice these things are the staples of life, not excessive items, just everyday items people need to survive. This points out the fact that the Zionist Entity is strangling human beings by an act of war illegal siege that if it occurred anywhere else in the world, America would be all over it like white on rice. I hope HAMAS tells them to "Feck Off" and holds out for a prisoner exchange, as there are hundreds of Palestinians who were kidnapped and interned, just like the recent peace activists were. HAMAS needs to tell Israel exactly where they can shove those "Chickens and Canned Goods" complete with instructions!
Israel mulling easing Gaza embargo

JERUSALEM (AP) — Israel's Defense Ministry has recommended a partial lifting of the embargo on Gaza as a goodwill gesture toward the Palestinians to spur along talks to free a long-held captive soldier, an Israeli news site reported Friday.

Israel has been linking the opening of Gaza's borders to the release of Sgt. Gilad Schalit, an Israeli soldier held by Hamas militants for three years. Hamas has been pushing for a deal to trade him for hundreds of Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails.

According to the new plan reported by the Israeli news Web site YNet, Israel would increased supplies of coffee, tea, soups, meat, fish and canned goods into Gaza ahead of the holy Muslim month of Ramadan, which begins in August, to promote a deal for Schalit.

Israel would also renew shipments of fuel, clothing, kitchenware and egg-laying chickens as part of the package.

YNet reported that the proposal had been drafted by defense officials and awaits the approval of Defense Minister Ehud Barak.

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Barbara L said...


Please take a look at this piece I wrote back in January.


Now you see what I am ticked about? Just more proof, this piece you posted, of how truly FOWL (sorry the pun HAD to be said) those sons of djinn are! They purposefully eradicated all the food growing operations they could find. Not to mention, as in Lebanon, made sure to poison the soil.

In LEBANON, they peppered the growing areas with cluster bombs that sank into the wet soil and every year in spring, a new crop of bomblets floats up still.

Damn, I think these people taught Satan all he knows. I agree, Irish, damn we Irish have a stubborn streak, they should just smuggle in more layers and tell them to stick their offer where the sun don't shine and rotate.

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