03 July 2009


Egypt helps Israel prepare to attack Iran
Free Palestine Writers

Just look at how BIG Israel is now. They've effectively taken over Egypt. Yes, Egypt is becoming "Little" or should I say "Big" Israel these days. Blocking aid for fellow Arabs in Palestine by allowing Israel to control Egypts borders, and now they have handed over their waters to the Israeli army's super duper new Nuclear Submarine, which is now stationed in an area to attack Iran, thanks to the former country called Egypt, which is now part of Israel. What ever happened to the great Arab Nation?
Shame on Egypt.
The Dolphin-class attack submarine is reported to be the first Israeli naval vessel to transit the Suez Canal in four years on its way from Haifa to Eilat last month. According to DEBKAfile's military sources, the move indicates a strengthening of the informal Israel-Egyptian-Saudi pact forged in recent months against Iran and first revealed by our sources. The three Middle East nations have opted for an Iran policy which is separate from the track pursued by US president Barack Obama.

According to foreign military sources, the Israeli Dolphins are stationed in the Mediterranean, the Arabian Sea and the Indian Ocean opposite Iran's shores. They are said to be armed with torpedo tubes capable of launching nuclear-capable cruise missiles.

To transit the Suez Canal, the armed submarine would have required Egyptian permission at the highest level, possibly even President Hosni Mubarak. An official in Cairo told Reuters that its passage would not be problematic as Egypt and Israel are not at war.

This noncommittal response indicates that Egypt has no objection to Israeli military craft passing through the canal on their way to the Red Sea and on to the Persian Gulf in case of a decision to strike Iran. The alternative would be a voyage of weeks around the Horn of Africa.

Our military sources report that since the Israel Navy lost the Dakar submarine near Greece in 1968, all Israeli subs are armed when they move out of harbor. Disclosure of the Israeli sub's passage through the Suez Canal last month is rated by our sources as of high regional significance, over and above the Middle East diplomatic moves afoot. source

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Anonymous said...

Sure now we know why Israel went to war with Egypt , emasculated the leader and his army and somebody got assassinated and someone else stepped in to make peace etc etc. that's how it all works with US/Israel. And whomever "makes peace" with good neighbor Israel or the U.S. is hailed as great "leaders." Leaders who wish for independence for their people and resources, who don't want to be "friends" of Satan are "evil."
The world is being run by 2 bit con men who own the bank and the army. Now what.

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